This week brought both new challenges and successes.

Challenges included my shoulder issue that I haven’t had for a long time returning to haunt me (it is Halloween week after all!) Jaylin invited me to come early to boot camp so that she could show me some exercises and stretches to help my shoulder. The shoulder exercises that Jaylin and Ed gave me helped me to properly warm up my shoulder before my workouts so it is actually becoming stronger and not at risk for re-injury. It is the end of the week and my shoulder feels completely normal now. Which is great!

Another challenge was making healthy food choices when I was out and about working and not at home. I made a point to incorporate lean protein into every meal even if it wasn’t something I prepared. I chose the spinach wrap with egg whites when I was forced to eat at Starbucks for breakfast. When I went out to lunch with my friend I chose a garden salad with a side of grilled chicken and dressing on the side.

Celebrating successes too!

Successes included fitting into some of my clothes that were giving me major muffin top. They are still a bit snug but the muffin is gone. I seem to have lost my midsection first. Now gotta get this booty down!

Another success was going to the Mission Bay boot camp on Saturday! Usually I do yoga on Saturdays and take Sunday as my rest day, so all of my cardio and bootcamps are crunched within Monday through Friday. I think it might have a positive impact on my weigh in on Monday!

Looking forward to meeting more of you in bootcamp. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I appreciate them! Yesterday marks the 6 month mark until my wedding… Here I come!