Becoming a Fit Bride in San Diego Boot Camp

Down 3% body fat!

The beginning of the week was exciting… Mainly because I was excited to retake measurements and body fat. I lost 3% body fat! That made me really happy because it means the 5 lbs I lost was mainly FAT and not muscle! The middle of the week was difficult because I had a two-day photoshoot that took a lot of my time and caused me to miss Wednesday’s workout. Bummer. I did get some exercise during my photoshoot, however because I was walking around sand dunes all day. I never knew how much core you have to use to stabilize in sand! Similar to snow!

Making sure I do 3 boot camps this week

My Friday workout was great. I felt really motivated and put 100% effort into it! Jaylin and Ed kicked my butt! I was super sore on Saturday and was seriously close to not coming. But my will and determination overtook my excuses I had in my head and I made it to Mission Bay to workout. After that, I went on a hike at Daley Ranch with my mom for over an hour and it was super nice. My goals for November include losing another 8 pounds by the end of the month, and 3% more body fat. That will make a huge difference for when my wedding dress comes in and I get to try it on for the first time! Exciting! Thank you for following my story. I appreciate your comments and words of inspiration/

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