Great Results on Assessment

November month end marks my two months with Bootique Fitness in my quest for being a super fit and healthy bride. I am super happy with how things are going and am not just learning about exercises to get my body fit but also about my motivation levels and what do to when I try to make excuses! First things first, here are the stats so far. I have lost 7.5 pounds in the first two months (my complete goal is to lose 15, so I’m halfway there), I’ve lost 3% body fat, and several inches including 1.25 off my waist and 1.75 off the good ole hips! Those are tangible successes on the scale and with the tape measure. But there are several things that have come up in the last two months that I consider positive growth.

I’m learning more about myself

I learned that I tend to try to make excuses and any ache or soreness or tiredness will make me think I need the day off to rest. I also tend to not be 100% honest with myself at times, and I think others might agree with me on this… Sometimes its hard to face the truth about our eating habits.. It took baby steps for me. I had to really take notice that even a ‘bite’ of something would have an impact. Sure, I ate healthy meals, but those bites of my fiancee’s unhealthy food add up, NO MATTER WHAT. I know it sounds silly, but I really struggled with this one. Finally I am in a truly good place with my nutrition and I feel really good about it!

My goals for December

Goals for the next month include losing 5 more pounds, another inch off the waist and hips, and adding an additional bootcamp twice per month. Christmas is coming, which of course bring lots of tasty and guilty foods. I don’t plan on having a single set back. Also, I’ll be giving ‘active’ gifts to friends and family to encourage them to stay active and healthy too Thank you for following my journey. I would love to hear from you. It helps me stay accountable knowing that you are reading about my journey. So leave a comment and let me know you’re listening.