Bridal Fitness – Nikki’s Journey To Becoming A Fit Bride

Overcoming obstacles

This week, like weeks before it, brought both good things and things that I learned need to be improved upon. My major issue this week was that I felt pain in my right knee all week, which I have never had before so I was kind of weirded out by that. The second issue was it was probably the first week that I was really super strict with my diet and I felt a bit more tired than I usually feel. After a week of whining to myself about my knee and how tired I was, I realized that life isn’t always super easy and fun and sometimes I need to choose to make a decision that will be beneficial in the long run! After working out, usually my energy level picks up. After boot camp always comes stretching, which is super beneficial for any aches and pains. Also every ache and pain isn’t necessarily a reason to miss a workout.

Cleaning up my nutrition

I hadn’t been progressing as fast as I want to, so I know the answer is to clean up my nutrition. That means eating less grains (wheat bagels, rice, beans, etc) and eating more protein (egg whites, nonfat Greek yogurt), and cutting out the wine all but 2 nights (I had one 4 ounce glass each of these nights = approx 120 calories each). This along with everything else resulted in significant differences in how my clothes fit. My pants that I wore last winter when I was 20 pounds lighter – can now button again. Yes, they are super tight but nonetheless – they at least button. Some jeans from 15 pounds ago look decent again. I am realizing since I am losing weight with both cardio and resistance training (bootcamp at Bootique), my bodyfat percentage is probably a lot lower, hence being able to fit into smaller jeans nicely at a higher weight than before. That’s nice! Sometimes its not just about the scale number but about overall stuff including scale, bodyfat, and fitness. Thank you for following my story. I appreciate your comments and words of inspiration/

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