Still losing weight – even though it’s the holidays

The holidays approach, but I am not scared of gaining weight. I have been making changes to my nutrition and have been consistent with my workout program for nearly two months now. One day can’t phase me! But I have already decided on a few things that I will and won’t do. I WILL do my cardio and yoga in the morning on Turkey day so I can at least burn some calories! I WILL be in charge of several side dishes and use healthy alternatives so that there are at least a few things I know are safe to eat without tons of guilt. But I won’t completely hold back because I want to enjoy my day with my family and taste their thanksgiving creations. What I am going to keep in mind all day, and throughout the rest of the holidays is MODERATION. I won’t eat two servings. Instead I’ll eat one, and maybe just a bite. The first bite is always the best anyway, then the “law of diminishing returns” kicks in. 🙂

I feel great

This past week at Bootique Fitness has been awesome! I felt my body overcoming some weaknesses and actually have more confidence that I am strong (I did those dead man pushups on my toes for most of the week). That also strengthened my chattaranga. My yoga teacher called me out during class and said “good, Nikki!” That was pretty awesome because I am used to mostly corrections. I hadn’t seen one of my other yoga teachers in a month and she told me I definitely looked thinner and asked how much weight I had lost. That felt good too! Another high point was getting my photo-shoot photos back. I asked the photographer if she photoshopped me to make me skinnier because I didn’t realize I was looking leaner! haha. Looking forward to my 2 month mark. I’ll be checking in with measurements, bodyfat and total weight loss. I’m expecting good things. Wedding bells are ringing in my ears already!