Fresh air and sunshine? Yes please! Outside, we have tons of space with the added bonus of not having to share sweaty gym equipment. 

La Jolla Park Outdoor Fitness


GPS: 8333 Via Mallorca, La Jolla, CA 92037

Villa La Jolla Park (outside)

Parking: There is plenty of street parking along side of the park.


We work out right next to the sidewalk.

Look for our Bootique Fitness flag.


If you don’t see us and are not sure where to go, contact the trainer before class starts. Here are each of the trainer’s cell numbers:

Jaylin: 619.602.8087

Sabrina: 619.519.5874

Sarah: 619.316.2038

This year is the year I’m going to feel good and fit with a La Jolla Boot Camp!

Do you remember that promise you made to yourself around the New Year? Well, if your resolve is wearing off, don’t worry!

Any time is a great time to get started, and there’s nothing like a La Jolla bootcamp class to jump-start your weight loss goals.

You can start with a free trial! The basic principles of boot camp-style workouts are effective and provide quick results, and we’ve redefined them in a new safe, fun and effective training program that’s ideal for all fitness levels!

Bootique Fitness is the premiere boot camp in La Jolla.

We offer a variety of class times and internal training workouts so you never get bored. Our personal training in La Jolla at Bootique Fitness provides you with an alternative to standard gym workouts.

The La Jolla bootcamp for women is a fast-paced and fun way to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

This outdoor fitness boot camp offers several benefits to help you achieve success in developing a healthy lifestyle:

Benefit #1: Bootique Fitness offers effective and fun La Jolla boot camp classes for women.

Held outdoors, these instructors challenge you with a series of short, but intense interval training workouts. You will never fall into an exercise rut attending the women’s La Jolla boot camp. Your metabolism will kick into high gear and you’ll get the full benefit of a traditional fitness regimen in a compact time frame.

You’ll feel like you have your very own La Jolla personal trainer each time you come to class, and every other woman at class with you will share goals, accomplishments and achievements right along with you.

Benefit#2: These boot camp style workouts are exclusive to women.

That means you will be surrounded by women with common goals, committed to changing their lifestyle in a positive way just like you!

The encouragement found and given in our program for women is helpful in keeping your focused on your weight loss goals. The friendships and support groups that inherently form just add to the uniqueness and effectiveness of fitness for women!

Benefit#3: La Jolla bootcamp is conveniently located near you.

You don’t have to travel to downtown San Diego to get a fabulous workout. Located in the heart of La Jolla, the outdoor personal training group fitness classes are a quick, fun and challenging way to enjoy getting in shape in a neighborhood near you!

What are you waiting for? Sign up to attend a La Jolla Boot Camp workout today!

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See why hundreds of San Diego women are feeling good about their bodies, more confident and happy!

Fantastic. Just straight up the best women-only bootcamp in San Diego. Jaylin and her trainers do a great job motivating and encouraging us ladies every time we get our lazy butts to class.
Katie H
Thankfully the instructors at Bootique are so encouraging, motivating and great at keeping you accountable to your goals (which I definitely need)! I love how many different classes Bootique offers as well.
Katie L