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A fitness program with complete customization to work towards your specialized goal one-on-one with a personal trainer. Personal training is the recommended option when you have specific needs to address whether they are physical or logistical. We come to you ready to give you the individual attention you desire. This is the best personal training San Diego has to offer!

You’re Only One Workout Away From a Good Mood.

Is This What You're Looking For?

Sure, you’re going to have a great time out here. But you want results too, right? No problem.

Sessions are just 45 minutes and our clients tell us that the time flies by! We can keep it short and sweet using techniques like circuit training and super-sets to maximize effectiveness to shed fat, drop weight, lose inches and achieve optimum results!


You’ll feel those calories burn during your workout as you push your body with varied strength-training and cardiovascular exercises and still leave your workout knowing that our training method keeps your body burning for hours post-sweat!


Ever wonder why children run every where they go? They have so much energy! Now, you'll be able to race them. 😉


Our quick and efficient workouts target every muscle in your body – especially those problem areas women really dislike. We use specific training techniques to burn fat and create lean, tone muscles so you’ll feel confident and look amazing!


Motivational Strategy Session

Create a plan to overcome any past obstacles you had to make this journey even easier.

Customized Program

Designed to meet you specific goals, whether you’re recovering from an injury or training for an event.

Nutritional Guidance & Coaching

No more strict dieting. We'll help you find a way of eating that is easy and satisfying.

Location Convenience

We train clients in homes, condo gyms and outdoors in nearby parks.

Accountability Check in's

Think we won't notice if you're missing? Think again... Jaylin will personally "stalk" you.

Complimentary Classes

Monthly 1-on-1 memberships include Cardio Hip Hop and Virtual Classes.

Online Workouts

Now, with on demand, there’s always a way to get your Bootique workout completed.

Results Tracking

There are many ways to measure results. We'll help you find the way that empowers you the most.

Guest Passes for Friends

We encourage you to bring your friends to work out. Every lady gets a free first time class.

Happiness Guaranteed

We’ve proven this works but if you're following the program & not happy, we'll refund you.

A great fitness program is far more than just exercise classes. You get everything you need to live a fun, healthy, balanced lifestyle.


This program is for the all those who want to maximize their time training by following the professional advice of an experienced trainer so they can achieve their goals at a faster rate.

No need to drag yourself to a boring workout at the gym. Our trainers come to you and give you a fun and effective training experience.




Use the form above to request a free consultation. We can discuss your wants, needs and goals as well as answer any questions you have about our programs.

SINGLE SESSION w/staff: $100

SINGLE SESSION w/Jaylin: $125

10 SESSIONS w/staff: $899


2/wk $679/MONTH

3/wk $999/MONTH


The most important thing is to be comfortable. Dress in athletic wear, sneakers and be prepared to sweat. If we are training outside, it’s a good idea to wear layers.
Bring an exercise (yoga) mat and water. We’ll take care of the rest.
Yes! Changing the way you eat can feel overwhelming, but we intend to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits for long-term success. You will receive customizable meal plans that allow you to eat foods you enjoy as well as a custom nutrition guide, grocery list and added tips. Plus, Jaylin offers a one-on-one motivational strategy session to help you sort it all out.

While some other programs might, we do not.

We respect that some women like to check their weight frequently while others do not.

So we offer full body assessments where we can track your weight, measurements and body fat percentage but we do not require members to do it.

Instead, we focus on building good habits of exercising and eating well and keeping a positive mindset.

We encourage you to pay attention to how you feel, how your clothes fit and what you see in the mirror. It’s not about what the scale says or what some arbitrary number says, it’s about a visual change.

Time and time again, we’ve found that women have an easier time dropping weight and inches when they don’t focus on the scale.

Most people that come to use feel out of shape. It’s ok – that’s a good reason to hire a personal trainer.

We design your program to challenge you safely where you are and create progressions as you get stronger and more fit.

As a beginner, we may start you slow but as you gain experience we will constantly encourage to push to the next level, over and over again.

Your body is more powerful than you probably know, it will advance quickly. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Mostly, this depends on your specific goals for working with a personal trainer. We will design a program that meets your individual needs. In general, remember when you were a kid and you loved to play at the park – that’s what we do! We create fun exercises and programs to increase your health and fitness, strengthen your body, reduce your weight, burn your fat off, heal your aches and make you feel like a kid again. Your program will be customized to challenge you at your current fitness level whether this is your first time exercising or if you have been an athlete all your life, we can make you even better.

You can expect to achieve a transformation of both body and mind.

Not only will you look and feel better, but the biggest achievement is a new attitude that fitness can be a fun, positive part of your life.

No longer will you feel like doing your workout is a dreadful chore, once you experience the joy and fun of truly experiencing amazing results while having fun with your friends in the park, you will have created a new mindset when it comes to your fitness and staying healthy.

Your body transformation will be worth celebrating as you can expect to see yourself become toned, tighter and firmer. You will love the new sensation of energy you will feel. Stress will be under control or even disappear. Your stamina and strength will increase, while your weight and body fat decrease. Your arms, thighs and bum will firm up, and your tummy flatten. Inches will literally melt away as you add lean muscle and release unwanted fat. Your skin will have a healthy glow and you’re quality of sleep will greatly improve.

Skeptical? This is what I know: once you experience it, you WILL believe it. On top of that, you’ll have a lot of fun!

Fantastic! We are eager to work with you and help you achieve your fitness goals!

For 1-on-1 Personal Training, contact Jaylin, Founder of Bootique Fitness using the form above to schedule a free consultation.