Ro Goes Paleo

Ro is in our trainer mentorship program. She’s a hard-working boot camper that’s looking to take her results to the next level. She’s committed to a 30 day Paleo diet. She’ll be sharing her experience on our blog so you can share in her Paleo diet journey.

A complicated relationship with food

Despite my love for fitness and being healthy, I’ve always had, what I like to call, a complicated relationship with food. I’m the girl who eats oatmeal, salads, and fish & veggies all week, then come the weekends and all I want is pizza, burgers, cookies, and nachos; and I won’t just have one cookie, I’ll have 4!

Even though my friends and family tell me it’s ok to indulge, because I work out, I know that it’s not. I want to be able to be satisfied with just a slice of pizza or one cookie and know when I’m full, and eat to nourish my body not to feed my sweet tooth! With the New Year upon me, and my nearing 30th birthday, the time to make a big change in my life and eating habits is now!

A complete nutrition makeover

Although I know what foods I need to avoid and what I should eat, I need a complete nutrition makeover; I need to detox my body. This need for a nutrition revamp has led me to the paleo diet. I’m sure many of you have heard both positive and negative things about the paleo diet, as I too have heard both ends of the stick. However, after doing some research, figuring out my needs, and picking up It Starts With Food, I’ve decided to not only go paleo, but to dedicate the next month to the Whole 30.

30 days to a strict paleo program

The Whole 30 means: no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no white potatoes, no MSG, sulfates, or carcinogens, and absolutely no processed foods of any kind!

Yes, I have doubts, but I also have a very clear goal. I want to be healthy. I want to get rid of my acid reflux, stomach and body aches, and really just live an overall healthy life. Of course I also want to get rid of the stubborn belly fat I’ve been fighting off for the past 29 years, but this is really also more about being able to have a healthy life and relationship with food. It’s about reprogramming my body not to crave cookies on the weekends and not to depend on food to make me feel good or to satisfy any other emotional need.

First step – preparation

I’ve dedicated all weekend to preparing meals for the next few days that follow the nutrition plan. It has taken most of my Sunday, but I’m not upset about that, I’m excited! I can’t wait for the changes and for the new experience. I know it’s going to be a roller coaster ride, but I’m ready!

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress! – Ro

Thanks Ro! We look forward to hearing about your journey.