Alyssa Femia is one of Bootique’s great boot camp and Zumba clients – plus, she’s an amazing writer. She is authoring “The Little Black Dress” Chronicles about her experience to get into the best shape of her life – and back into the little back dress.

One Week In and That Scale Hasn’t Budged!

Not to be a negative Nancy but it is tough when you bust your butt all week and don’t see results. Between 1/27-2-2, I hiked Potato Chip Rock (rated difficult!!), got to three boot camps, two Zumba classes, and went on one run. I was just two runs short of my entire goal but I still felt so accomplished, until the dreaded weigh in! Yet maybe I’m just looking at this all wrong.

Some things to consider: 1) Am I really busting my butt? Could I be working harder? 2) Are the results really not visible? 3) Should I let the scale get me down?

Am I really busting my butt?

When I am actually at boot camp, doing deadlift lunges or planks or sprints, heck YES I am busting my butt!! For the other 23 hours of the day, I am sleeping, standing at work, in the kitchen, giving into cravings that I don’t necessarily deserve, on the computer or playing guitar. Notice how ALL of these activities lack in cutting calories or movement?

Could I work harder?

Yes, ALWAYS. We all can! I just started a new 9-5 job and am quickly remembering how quickly the days go when you spend most your time working, getting to and from, preparing meals, and sleeping. While weeknight Zumbas and early boot camps are out of the picture, I can still get to the 6:00 or 6:20 classes – that’s FIVE opportunities for boot camp and Sundays are completely open for Zumba and a hike. Luckily, running can be done anywhere at any time and I literally have no excuse for not doing that. With some changes and planning, I can DEFINITELY zap through calories in some way every day.

Are the results invisible?

No! On the scale, right now, yes. However, I am already sleeping better, have more energy when I’m awake, and am more productive. Sometimes it’s the little victories. If I just keep paying attention to these and working hard, the big victory will be here in time.

Should I let the scale get me down?

I’m going to go with a “not yet.” Especially in the beginning stages of weight loss, I’ve heard that you shouldn’t check your weight on the scale obsessively because sometimes it takes a few weeks for the number to actually tip. Many things are happening in your body such as fat turning into muscle, an increased metabolism, and increased caloric intake. I need to get into a routine with this and until then, am going to stay positive.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is what they all say is:

If you don’t like something, change it. And if you don’t change it, at least change the way you think about it. I’m going to do both!

PS: As you can see, I literally can’t even zip the dress – hello PUSH UPS, the belly bulge has GOT TO GO, and at least the black is slimming my legs but they definitely need work too. It’s slowly coming along!

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