Hello, Cupid!

Well, we all know which holiday is quickly approaching. Love it? Hate it? In love? Single? It doesn’t matter. Read up for some ideas on how to enjoy Valentine’s day REGARDLESS!

Sure, you could do what EVERYONE else in San Diego is going to want to do (for good reason!): Get away and spend the night at a nice hotel, eat at a fancy restaurant, or read Hallmark greeting cards and embrace the smell of roses all day. Hey, if that’s your thing, feel free.


You could step outside the cliché:

6 Fun, Fit Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day in San Diego

1. Sail to Catalina and hike with your sweetheart and catch sunshine, endorphins  oh, and a boat ride?! Too much?

2. Find a bottle of Red, turn up the Sam Cooke or whomever you prefer, and stay in and cook a meal together. The great part about that is you won’t be stressing about reservations or traffic but rather just relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Kickin’ It Single this Valentine’s Day?

3. Call the girls and go on a wine tour through Temecula or visit one of San Diego’s many breweries (designated driver please!).

4. If spirits and those things aren’t your scene – then host a girls night in at your place with BYOB snacks and all the feel good movies you all can handle.

5. You could also try your favorite day spa. They will never disappoint, call now though – they are likely to book up!


You could all step it up a notch and:

6. Go for a Valentine’s Day surf or try a new kickboxing class (fight away all those old heartbreaks), and of course come to ZUMBA!

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, as do a few important birthdays (hint hint). This means Zumba is going to be quite the party and not one to be missed! See, there really are ways to enjoy this holiday!!