Should you use cross training?

You are trying to lose weight. You are eating healthy and maintain a consistent exercise regimen that is constituted by one single exercise each day of the week, whether it be running, biking, or swimming. If this is you, read on. Not that any of the aforementioned activities are anything but amazing for your body but you may want to mix it up a little bit if you want to see results!

This “mixing up” is called cross training.

In other words, cross training is creating an exercise regimen that consists of several different modes of activity rather than just the same one all week. Why might someone do this? Here are a few important reasons:

1) Decreased Risk of Injury – If you are utilizing the same exact muscles every time you workout, they are going to become overworked and eventually injured. Let’s consider running for this one: if you are stomping down on that pavement or treadmill five times a week, imagine the force that is shooting back up into your ankles, knees, and back with each step. Sooner or later, this is going to lead to injury and therefore a decreased regimen! By spreading out the stress your body may endure to different parts of the body by enrolling in several exercises as opposed to one will keep your fitness levels high and your injury level low!

2) Greater Chance of Weight Loss – Have you ever heard that if you do the same thing all the time your body will adjust to it? This is somewhat true. If you hop on an elliptical at the same intensity for the same amount of time every day, your body will eventually grow accustomed to that and will no longer be challenged. This means less calorie burn! Why not try to split the time you would normally spend on that exercise and add another machine or another exercise in to throw off your typical routine a bit? Not to mention, up the intensity whenever you can to get the best fat burning results!!

3) Lesser Chance of Boredom – As much as we fight it, boredom comes ‘a creeping every now and then. This could lead to one or two missed workouts and this could also lead to complete dropout of your fitness plan altogether. Cross training is the perfect way to avoid this. By mixing up your routine and making it a little more fun and exciting, you will be far less likely to get used to the workout! If you really want to avoid getting bored – try to exercise in ways that don’t feel like exercise such as playing a pickup game of basketball or tennis, biking to a particularly scenic spot, running a fun 5K, or any water sport out in the sunshine. There are plenty of ways, especially in San Diego, to avoid boredom!

4) Overall Increased Fitness Levels – By employing as many muscles as you possibly can, your overall levels of strength, balance, and flexibility are all going to improve. Improved fitness means improved results.

Our boot camp program is based on cross training. Rather than only lifting weights or only doing cardio, we mix it up in every workout. That’s why our clients see results so quickly! And they stick to it because it’s always changing and never boring. So what are you waiting for?! Call a friend or make a new one at Bootique Fitness and try something new. Not only will you have fun but you will be on the fast track to looking and feeling great!