Get Fit Surfing in San Diego

Summer is finally making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier to see it. Time for the beaches to fill up with beach dwellers and the waves to be curved by a growing population of surfers. As the mass of people burn up on the sand, those smart surfers are burning calories while riding the sets.

San Diego Fitness Waterscape

San Diego has miles of a beautiful coast that is just waiting to be surfed and the greatest part about surfing is the workout. Never surfed before? Surf Diva Surf School has got you covered. Whether a first time surfer or at an intermediate level, they will be glad to work with you to perfect the sport of surfing. Might as well pick up a new talent and get in shape at the same time this summer. Channel your inner surf diva and check out their website at to start your surf rider adventures.

Get Fit to Surf in San Diego

Do you really want to catch those waves, but you’re afraid you don’t have the strength, power and flexibility to get up on a surf board. Our newest program, Surf FIT, is a combination of weekly surfer specific boot camp workouts and surf lessons by the Surf Divas.