Be Strong! – Strength Training Tips

Cardio workouts are important! They burn calories, aid in weight loss/maintenance, and improve blood pressure and heart health – but we can’t forget about strength training!

Many women focus only on cardio and don’t put enough time into building those muscles. Not only will strong muscles help in melting away the lbs., they will help reduce injury and add bonuses of better posture and an overall healthier body. The following are some tips that your Bootique Fitness trainers will tell you are important for building a better body:

Form Fitting

We can’t stress this enough – make sure you have the correct form before adding weight or starting a new strength training exercise. Our group personal trainers will show you the proper technique for you exercise and will watch you so you can see and feel the correct form. Executing the wrong form during an exercise could lead to injury or fatiguing too quickly.

Go Heavy

Once you have the correct form, and you’ve been practicing at a certain weight for a while, it might be time to up your game. If you are doing a full amount of reps without difficulty, your trainer will advise to add more weight to increase your resistance and challenge your muscles to get stronger and leaner. Aim for a 2-5 lb. increase for free weights on arm workouts, or 10-20 lbs. for lower body. Anything more may cause injury or frustration mentally. Anything less will not work you out to your potential.

Switch It Up

Doing the same strength training routine not only gets boring, but your body will sit at that plateau that we all hate. To see progress, have a few different programs in mind and switch it up weekly. Our group personal trainers in San Diego are always giving you a fresh routine at every class with a great strength workout each time. Also, it’s ok to work out every body part during every strength training session; Leg day or arm day can be a time waster – get more out of your workouts utilizing your body as a whole machine!

No Weighting

As shown in Bootique’s San Diego personal training group classes, free weights and weight machines are NOT needed for an effective strength workout! With less time, more intensity and easier transition, bodyweight exercises can increase your fitness level and strength in less time then you spend sitting in traffic! Research has shown more intense workouts in shorter periods of time increases heart rate level to burn more calories. With no time spent on moving from one machine to the next (allowing your heart rate to drop), your heart rate can stay elevated. No “weighting” around.

Keep up with your strength training in between your cardio work outs, and your body will thank you with less injury and an overall healthier body. Bootique personal training group bodyweight workouts will keep those muscles working, and you’ll notice the change in no time. Be strong!