Even though we hit the pavement hard, it is important for runners to cross train. Not only does working on your strength build better muscles, it helps prevent injury, and can even help the quality and distance on the course. Here are the most efficient strength training workouts that will set you up for the long run!

It’s a Deadlift Party!

Lifting a loaded barbell to your hips in 3 movements (grip, using your legs to lift to the shins, then to your hips), and your body as the machine, deadlifts are an essential part of a runner’s workout regime. Working your legs, back, and hips, this exercise does the opposite of what its name suggests; it brings your body to life! Deadlifts will strengthen your back for good running posture, your legs for stabilization, and your hips for balance. Bring on the deadlift party!

Walk (Out) the Plank

Planking works our core – the root of our bodies’ strength. Think of the core as our tree trunk, our extremities the branches. If our trunk isn’t strong, our branches will weaken. Planks will help not only get those fighters abs, but help with balance, injury prevention, and a better posture. Your limbs and branches will thank you!

Drop It like It’s Squat

Doing this body encompassing exercise will work out every muscle that you need for a healthy, safe run. Working glutes, core, legs, and hamstrings – a muscle builder, core strengthener, and a stretch in one.

Hot Off the Overhead Press

Bringing stability and balance to the game, overhead presses help the torso straighten and aids in upright, efficient running.

Push It

When you think of running, you may not think of arm strength – think again. Helping your spine and back align, and building arm and core strength, push-ups will be the fit topping you need to round out your strength training.
Strengthening your body is imperative to proper form for your running, and for a better recovery time as well.

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