You’ve all heard of meal prep – as in, figuring out what you’re going to eat, pre-assembling your portions, and following through on eating your carefully-designed menu items. But have you thought about gear prep? Your fitness routine deserves just as much attention and pre-planning as your nutrition plan.

Just like with meal prep, there is a strategy to suit any lifestyle, and we’re here to outline them for you.

Gear Prep – The weekly pack strategy

Do you like to simplify your weekday routine? Does 5-10 extra minutes a weekday sound like a luxury? Maybe you’re the weekly packer. On Sunday, do a load of workout laundry, check your calendar, and sign up for workouts on ZenPlanner. Then, pack enough workout clothes for your scheduled classes, your shoes, and a couple water bottles into your gym bag and toss it in your car—you’re ready to go! Tip: if you go straight from work to the gym or vice versa, keep a mesh laundry bag for your work clothes in the car, then that’s all you have to bring in and out each day.

Gear Prep – The night-before strategy

Maybe your schedule is not so regimented that you can plan for a whole week at once. You can opt for a smaller bag and pack it the night before. Don’t forget to check the weather! San Diego may be “always sunny and 70” but especially for summer it helps to know if the temp is going to be high so you can plan to wear a breezy tank and grab extra water and sunscreen. Head over to Virago Fitness to shop their selection of “cool” clothes.

Gear Prep – The home-zone strategy

If you’re not a gym bag carrier, you can still lay out your clothes and gear beforehand. Make a fitness shrine by dedicating a drawer or shelf for this specific purpose, and decorate with motivational pictures or quotes. Include a checklist for the little things like socks, a hair tie, bobby pins, or baby wipes. You’ll be on time and dressed to impress.

The point of gear prep is the same as with meal prep—eliminate excuses! If everything is ready to go, it’s easy for you to get going.