The “Run” Down

Many of us have certain ideas about running; how to train, how to prepare, what to eat, etc. Let’s get the real scoop on the most common running myths:

I run for distance not speed – I don’t need speed training

We may think we don’t need to incorporate speed training if our goal is just a long distance, but we are selling ourselves short if we don’t. Not only will speed training make us run faster, but it evokes a rise in GH (growth hormone). “GH signals cells to reproduce, therefore renewing and increasing lean muscle mass, bone density, and the connective tissue in tendons and ligaments. GH also increases fat metabolism, making us leaner” (fitbie.com). Well, then what type of speed training should we do? Fartleks (a series of faster pickups with a recovery interval in between ((competitor.com)), running hills, and running on different types of ground (pavement, treadmill, and tracks) can increase your speed and your fitness level. Get speedy!

I don’t want to weight train and get too bulky

Many women seem to have this on their mind. We want to look lean and toned, not like a body builder. Here’s the truth: it will take A LOT of time and weight to get you looking bulky. You would have to train like a body builder to get that body. An average weight training workout will keep you fit, healthy, and toned. In terms of running, we know it helps with injury prevention and muscle building, but it will also aid in a faster run! The combo of strength and cardio training will lean us out; as muscle cells burn more calories and energy than fat cells. Get strong!

I run a lot, so I can eat lots of carbs!

Carbing up may be the cause of crashing down. We do need that energy to go on these long and speedy runs, but if we pack on too many carbohydrates, the energy crash coming down may be take more energy than we bargained for. Eat well balanced meals with good carbs, proteins, and greens. Before a run, make sure you eat about an hour before – nut butter on a rice cake or healthy bread, a good protein based yogurt, or an apple with nuts. This will help sustain your energy without crashing down from a carb/sugary high. Remember to keep hydrated with water and a drink with electrolytes. Get healthy!

I’m too old to start running or be a good runner

How do we, then, explain the elite over 50 years of age runners out there, the different age groups for races, and the population of runners who didn’t start running until they were adults? We were made to run, buy learning something new does not happen overnight. Research a beginners running program like a couch to 5K schedule/app.

Check out a running store like Milestone Running for the correct running shoes, gear, and accessories. To keep you motivated, sign up for a couple 5Ks. Sandy Feet Events puts on many races in San Diego County and nearby counties from 5Ks to half marathons. Get prepared!
With these running myths crushed, you can now crush it on the pavement! Happy running!