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Spring Into a New Body

We tend to get revved up about fitness when the sun is shining! Call it psychological, but the sun gets us moving more than ever.

While daylight savings causes the time to spring forward and then fall back – you don’t have to follow the same yo-yo scenario with your fitness.

The following tips will help you spring forward in your fitness results and stay on track rather than fall back to old habits.

How to Avoid falling back into old behaviors

Before we get to the tips to spring forward, let’s explore why most people fall back on their exercise and eating habits.

Initially, you may come to boot camp full of excitement and anticipation. You’ll quickly see some results, maybe a dress size lost or some noticeable toning in your arms that you never had before you started boot camp. At that point, you may reward yourself with a piece of cake or a day off from your exercise routine.

The next thing you know, you’re rewarding yourself with food and days off from working out more often and by the time you catch yourself, you’ve gone back to your original weight or fitness level. Of course, you had the best of intentions. You wanted to continue your newfound routine and keep getting results. We all do. So what can we do to ensure that we don’t fall back into old habits.

Spring forward, stay forward

Update your self image.

By now, you’ve cultivated an image of yourself that is most likely aligned to both how you think you look and how you know you feel. You may feel tired because you’re eating the wrong foods. You may see yourself as heavier version of the goal weight you’d like to achieve. In both cases, when you are beginning a lifestyle change you want to update your self image. You can do this by:

  • Envisioning yourself reaching some of your fitness goals. Buying a new outfit in a smaller size, wearing a tank top with sexy, tone arms…whatever your fitness goals are, try picturing how you will look and feel once you achieve them. By doing so, you will change the way you look at yourself once you begin seeing the changes that your hard work will build.
  • Allow yourself to be a “winner.” If you’ve tried to lose weight before and didn’t make or sustain your goals, then you may have a negative outlook on what you can actually accomplish. Begin your life-long fitness transformation by giving yourself permission to think successfully about your weight loss goals. It’s not foolish or contrary to believe in yourself and in order to make your fitness goals last, that’s exactly what you’ll have to begin doing. 

Focus on who you want to become.

Again, by changing your outlook on yourself, you can focus on who you’d like to become ultimately. That’s not limited to your fitness routine and diet. Your working life, family life and other aspects of your life can be altered for the better when you focus on who you would like to be. By changing your self image and allowing yourself to be successful, you will free up time to focus on who you’d like to be and cultivate habits that are in line with your transformation.

These  tips help you BE the person who keeps a regular fitness routine and therefore stays in shape all year round.

Fortunately, our San Diego boot camp meets year round so there’s we’re always here for you. Spring has sprung, and naturally Summer and Fall will follow. But, make it your focus to transform not only your body but you mind. Spring forward in fitness and stay on track with Bootique Fitness.

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