Have you been looking for another way to get a cardio workout? Running, treadmill, or swimming is getting too monotonous? Zumba might just be what you are looking for!

Zumba is a cardio-infused dance class that allows you to burn lots of calories without feeling like you are “working out”. Zumba in San Diego blends Latin based dance moves with modern hip-hop styles to get your body moving. Not only are the dance moves hot, but so is the music. Check out a sample of what Bootique has been offering up for your ears in Zumba class music here.

Choose your own intensity level

Zumba has a different level of intensity for every type of person – beginner to advance. Many people are intimidated by Zumba in San Diego at first – but you don’t have to have a lick of dancing experience – just the motivation and desire to move and have fun! Throughout every routine, instructors give you ways to make keep it a beginner’s level, or use those same moves and pump it up to your maximum. The patterns are easy to learn and to repeat along the way. As long as you are moving (which you can’t help because it’s so fun), you are burning calories (up to 800 calories a class by the way! – click here) and sweating it all out!

Music, dance, and new friends

Zumba in San Diego is offered in a group setting, which makes this class even more lively. Music, dance, and new friends; what could be better? Being around people with the same interest (dance, health, having fun) will boost your energy and make you want to come back to class every week. You’ll make friends, build rapport, and also instill accountability – your Zumba instructor and friends from class will be looking for you, and looking forward to seeing you there!