Typically, the desire to get in shape is enough motivation to start thinking about getting back into a workout routine or bring your workout to the next level. But often folks don’t know where to begin or they lack the motivation to stick with their plan for a long period of time.

Enter group training! Working out in a group class takes the guess work out of what you should be doing while also keeping you motivated and focused on your end goal. There are a ton of benefits to group training, so we’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons why group training is awesome and will help you in your journey to reach your goals.

You surround yourself with like-minded people

Research shows that the people you surround yourself with make a significant impact on your habits. If you have a goal you want to achieve, becoming a part of a group of people who are taking action to achieve similar goals can increase your chances of success exponentially.

You have a built-in social network

One of the greatest benefits of group training is that you’re surrounded by people who want to achieve the same things you do. You’ve all signed up and committed to being a part of the group. You get to know each other and form bonds over the course of the workouts and everyone cheers each other on when the workout gets hard.

If you have a competitive streak, working out with other people can encourage you to push yourself a little harder than you would if you were alone. And when you miss a class, there’s a group of people asking where you are and when you’ll be back! It’s a built-in support system.

There is no guesswork

Even if you feel motivated to begin a fitness program, it can be hard to know where to start. And if you are new to exercise, figuring out what activities will work for you (or not) can be daunting. Maybe you tried throwing a few random exercises together, or hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes, but at the end of your workout, you didn’t feel motivated to continue.

Group training sessions are full body workouts created by one of our amazing Bootique San Diego personal trainers, so you can rest assured you’re always going to get an effective, fun and balanced workout. Our 45 minute classes get you in, out and back to your busy lives. We don’t want to waste your time, so we make sure to focus on the exercises that are going to get you the best results in the least time.

Proper form is key

Without proper form, most exercises will be ineffective, if not harmful. Our certified trainers will demonstrate how to perform all the exercises correctly, provide possible modifications if you need them, and instruct you on how to make any necessary tweaks to your form throughout the workout to keep you working safely and efficiently. And when it’s time to push harder, our trainers, and your classmates, will encourage you along the way.

Bye bye boredom

No two workouts are the same in our group training sessions. While some of the exercise my become familiar, there is always enough variety in the classes that you never get bored with the workouts. Our #1 goal is to get you on the road to feeling happier, healthier and help you form friendships with like-minded women who have your best interest at heart.

Question: Which of the benefits of group training motivates you the most?