The “City of Angels” might get all the attention from the rest of the nation, but if you’re looking for uncovering the capital of personal fitness, you can find it about 120 miles south of Los Angeles in San Diego. Don’t believe it? After reading over this list and seeing the many reasons this area offers a fitness experience unlike any other, there’s no doubt you’ll be brimming with excitement and ready to get to work with one of the many talented personal trainers in San Diego.

Leaving the Gym Behind

For those who need some fresh air now and then, this city is perfect for the outdoor workout. As Nina Garin points out in her article for the San Diego Union-Tribune, having immediate access to over 70 miles of coastline with its warm water and breezes deep into October thanks to the Santa Ana winds, makes the area heaven on earth for those looking to take their daily exercise outside.

If the beach isn’t really your style, a quick trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park offers an escape that you can only find in the San Diego personal training scene. Whether you’re out for a jog or doing the downward-facing dog pose, it’s hard to beat being surrounded by beautiful desert flowers and scenic landscapes during your workout.

Great Weather Year Round

Of course, you don’t have to end up at the beach or deep in the desert to enjoy the amazing San Diego weather during your training regimen. In a look at premier travel and permanent living destinations, BBC Travel’s Sunshine Flint explains that simply walking outside is all the evidence you’ll need to see that this city offers sparkling weather year round. Asone of the sunniest cities in the United States, San Diego’s temperate climate means that any day of the year is a great day to hit the park and work out with your personal trainer.

Unique Training Regimens

Perhaps the best reason the San Diego fitness culture is second to none comes from the area’s unique approach to physical training. To prove this point, Michelle Rindels, also of the San Diego Union-Tribune, takes a look at a growing trend in the fitness world – pole dancing. While this might seem a little odd at first, integrating poles into the exercise routine offers local athletes the ability to challenge themselves via a series of acrobatic and demanding moves that build upper body strength.

Regardless of how you like to exercise, one thing is certain; this city has it all and then some. When it comes to the best spots to build up a sweat with your favorite personal trainer, now you know that there’s no better place on the map than San Diego.