You see your friends checking in on Facebook; you’ve seen those groups of people outside at the parks – it almost looks like they’re having fun being told what to do :).

As you can see, these boot camps aren’t going anywhere and for a good reason: using mostly your own body and and some functional strength training tools – there is no need to drive anywhere or use heavy machinery for a good workout. Pair this up with knowledgeable trainers to make sure you are keeping correct form and a group of like-minded people that make it fun and so that you want to keep coming back – with a boot camp in San Diego – you are sure to see your fitness goals become a reality.

San Diego Boot Camp Factor #1: Keep It Simple

Remember back in the day doing jumping jacks, sprints, etc..? Although we have progressed and learned more about exercise, some basic aerobic and strengthening activity still stands strong today. San Diego boot camps take these moves and put them into a different sequence to challenge your body at a higher intensity. By also moving through at a quicker pace, you will move more often; giving less lack time and packing in more movement. Your time is precious, so why not work out at a boot camp in one of San Diego’s beautiful parks for 45 minutes and get a more intense, but doable, workout instead of over an hour at the gym; waiting around for machines and letting that heart rate drop!

San Diego Boot Camp Factor #2: Great Outdoors

Although it’s getting darker earlier, working out outdoors is still a breath of fresh air! Whether you have been sitting behind a computer in an office all day, or running around completing errands, your mind and body need some fresh air and a natural environment to feel refreshed and energized. Working indoors for 8-10 hours, or being in the house all day (working from home or cleaning the house top to bottom), you will feel so much better getting in a nice sweat being outdoors. Once you step outside and join the rest of the workout crew, you’ll already feel energized. Pair that with a high energy sweat session, and you’ll feel good as new.

San Diego Boot Camp Factor #3: Power of the People

Exercising in a group, like in our outdoor San Diego boot camps for women, can help us with accountability, support, and confidence. 6 am class? Not a problem! When you know your new exercise buddies and trainers are there to work out with you, you’ll be motivated to show up. Your trainers will gently remind you about upcoming classes, and will genuinely miss when you aren’t there! Your trainers and workout buddies will celebrate all your successes (lost an inch on your waist? Passed up that fast food last night? YES!), and will be there for support even on the hard days. They will be the first to notice, and compliment, your confidence from the inside showing on the outside. These are your people! With any accomplishment, more than one person (you) is involved. Don’t try to start or continue your journey alone! A good support system will keep you going and/or give you a jump start in a rut or plateau.

Less time, more intensity, natural surroundings, and built in support! Boot camp workouts can increase your fitness level and strength in less time then you spend sitting in traffic! Utilize your own powerful body and mind to make those fitness goals attainable! Before you drag yourself to the gym for another boring workout session, get outside and try a boot camp class in San Diego.