Strong is the New Skinny

Think you need to be skinny to be healthy? Think again, ladies! Strong is the new skinny.

The problem is, most people equate skinny with healthy and that is unequivocally false. Just because someone is skinny does not mean their body is healthy. “Healthy” comes in all shapes and sizes, but the three main things healthy people have in common is proper nutrition, physical fitness and emotional health.

What it means to be healthy

Healthy can be hard to quantify but it’s a mix of physical, mental and emotional components. Healthy bodies are made from the inside out with what we put in them (food), how we feel (emotions) and what we do (physical activity). Health is not superficial so we shouldn’t treat it as if it is. Comparing yourself to others will just drive you crazy trying to reach unattainable goals. Everyone is built differently. Some people are naturally thin, some tend to gain weight in their mid-section while others gain it in their rear. When we shift our focus from how we look on the outside to how we feel on the inside, we become empowered to set ourselves up for success.

Strength from within

Being strong isn’t just about being able to do 100 burpees or run 10 miles without breaking a sweat. Strength is mental too. When you are in the middle of an especially tough workout and you have to “dig deep” to finish your reps, that’s mental strength. You are pushing yourself and empowering your body with positive thought. Believing in yourself is the best place to focus your energy.

Don’t go it alone

Believing in yourself is an excellent attribute and necessary to maintain any sort of healthy lifestyle, but it also helps to have a support system. Bootique Fitness’s all women outdoor fitness classes are designed to help build you up and push you when you can’t push yourself anymore. Surrounding yourself with a positive, supportive community that cheers you on will help you break through your own mental barriers so you can achieve your personal goals.

Stick to your routine

While we would all love to exercise once and suddenly see amazing results, that’s not quite how it works. It’s important to start a routine and stick with it. Strength training is a necessary component in any fitness routine and it’s something you will want to incorporate about three days a week. This allows your body to rest between workouts, but that doesn’t mean you can slack the other four days of the week. Hiking, jogging, or getting your groove on at our San Diego Dance Fitness Classes are all excellent ways to get that sweat session without overworking your muscles.

Weight can be important to a degree, but what size you are is not a measure of your overall fitness. How you feel, what you eat and the way you move are all the cornerstones of your strong body.

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