Avoiding the Halloween Treat Temptations

It officially feels like autumn and soon all the little ghosts and goblins will take to the streets for some festive fun. Halloween is such a fun time of year, but with the endless bags of candy in your face at every store, it also can be a challenging time of year to try and stick to your healthy diet.

So, what’s a girl to do surrounded by all this temptation? Here, we have compiled 5 surefire tricks to help you go easy on the treats, keeping your waistline in check and your sugar levels low.

Go ahead, indulge a little

If you are constantly depriving yourself, you will eventually give in and gorge on all those delicious treats, which is a recipe for a diet disaster. Instead of trying to stay strong all the time, allow yourself to enjoy a treat every now and again. Chose your favorite candy and eat it slowly, savoring every delicious morsel.

Chew on it

To avoid the temptation of eating a mini candy bar each time a trick-or-treater rings the bell, pop in a piece of minty gum before the trick-or-treating begins. A minty mouth and sugary candy don’t go well together, and you will be more inclined to skip the sweets.

Be choosy

When you are deciding which candy to buy for the trick-or-treaters, choose a variety you aren’t particularly fond if. If you keep candy in the house that you love, you will be more likely to sneak a treat, but if it’s something you don’t care for, you will be more inclined to pass when your sweet tooth strikes.

The waiting game…

Wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween candy, like, October 31st if possible. When you have bags of candy in your house for weeks on end, it’s more tempting to reach for the sweets because they are readily available.

Hang on to those wrappers

Each time you indulge in a piece of candy, leave the wrapper on the counter instead of tossing it in the trash. If you have a visual queue to how many candies you have eaten, you will be reminded to avoid overdoing it and keep tabs on just how many you have consumed.

Even if you enjoy a few too many sweets this season, go easy on yourself. The important thing is to continue to make healthy choices most of the time and give yourself a pass when you want to indulge every now and then.


Treats are fun! We’re not going to deny that. When you follow a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercising – a few treats won’t hurt a bit.

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Question: What are your tricks to avoid overindulging on Halloween treats?

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