Resistance bands are an excellent tool to use during your workout routine, especially when you’re on the go or outside.

They offer the freedom and flexibility to work out anywhere; and because they come in a variety of resistance levels, they are ideal for fitness enthusiasts of all sorts.

Resistance bands are used in boot camp to sculpt your upper body, strengthen your legs, and burn fat.

How much resistance?

There’s a resistance band for everyone and here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which band is best for you. Generally, thick bands which are darker in color have a heavier resistance, whereas, thin bands that are lighter in color have less resistance. It is a good idea to have several different resistance bands on hand in order to add a variety of resistances to your workout routine.

How to choose the right band

Figuring out which band fits your needs depends on your fitness level and the exercises you will be performing with them. Beginners are going to start with lighter bands while more advanced, stronger lifters are going to need a heavier band for the same exercises. As a general rule of thumb, you’re going to want to use a lighter band for smaller muscles (i.e. upper body lifting) while you will need a larger band to challenge the stronger muscles in your legs.

Lighter Exercises: Triceps extension, Rear delt fly, Lateral raise
Heavier exercises: Squat, Dead lift, Row

When you get started, you can get away with just one light to medium resistance band. As you advance, you are going to want to use an additional band with more resistance to continuously challenge your body as you grow stronger and stronger.

How long does a resistance band last?

That depends on how you use it and store it. In our boot camp, resistance bands are being used often, stepped on in wet grass and then usually thrown on the floor of your car, right? Unfortunately, these guys don’t last forever. However, you can extend the life of your band by laying it out to dry and avoiding over-stretching it. Usually, the band gets overstretched when you use a light band for something you could have used a heavier band for so be aware of what level of resistance you need for a certain exercise.

Check your band for tears or rips and if your band is becoming worn out, replace it. You do not want it to break during your workout. Keep in mind, it’s like a rubber band and getting snapped by it will not feel good.

Always progressing for results

The key to getting results is to continually progressing in your resistance band workouts. That’s why we keep showing you more advanced ways to do an exercise and encourage you to use heavier resistance. To get the ultimate results and benefits of our resistance band Wednesday workouts, use a light/medium AND a heavier resistance band. We have light, medium and heavy bands available for $12 each.