Dance Off Calories with Zumba!

Are you tired of your cardio routine? Are you sick of clocking hours on the treadmill? Change it up a bit! Add a Zumba class to your cardio routine this week. Zumba is a dance-based cardio class that incorporates Latin rhythms and calorie-burning moves.  The music is infectious. It makes you want to move. And in Zumba class, you MOVE!

There are many benefits to doing Zumba, but these four reasons people love Zumba stand out the most.

The Ab Workout: Zumba dance moves are targeted towards high calorie burn, as well as the sculpting and toning of the body. After just a few Zumba classes, people start to notice a change in their abdominals. Many of the dance moves involve twisting and crunching of the abs. While the class does not include a floor routine, it does not need one. The ab workout is incorporated throughout the entire class.

The Music: When people hear good music, generally they start to dance without even realizing it! In a Zumba class, you’ll hear great rhythms of Latin music including Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, and Cha Cha. Often times, hip-hop and R&B music is also included. All the Zumba songs are upbeat and feel good, so you’ll leave the workout room smiling.

The Instructors: In most Zumba classes, the instructor knows many of the members by name, and makes it a point to introduce herself to anyone who may be new. Instructors are passionate about Zumba and VERY energetic. You will find yourself pushing just a little bit harder because of your instructor’s encouragement.

The Fun: Zumba is fun, plain and simple. Many people attend regularly, which forms camaraderie, and new people are always welcome. Smiles and bouts of laughter are common, and there are no mistakes or “wrong moves”. Everything goes as long as you’re willing to try!

It’s easy to try. Just RSVP to our next Zumba class.