Wondering why the boot camp workouts by Bootique Fitness are only 45 minutes?

Wouldn’t a full hour be a better workout? If you’ve ever wondered why we do 45 minute workouts, keep reading. There are 5 distinct reasons why we specialize in a well-balanced 45 minute workout as opposed to a 60 minute workout.

Reason 1: Goals

At Bootique Fitness, we focus on two goals for your workout: fast fat loss & creating lean, toned muscles. High intensity, fat burning activities ultimately lead to greater gains in lean calorie-burning muscle, a faster metabolism and a toned, scuplted looking body.

Reason 2: Efficiency

We are very proud to offer incredibly effective workouts that are also time efficient. Our approach and focus on using exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at one time allows us to accomplish a lot in a more compact workout. It’s not how much time you spend, it’s how much work you accomplish.

These workouts are designed to get you the quickest results in the shortest amount of time. Our workouts are far from boring and we incorporate many different types of training tools and methods. When done correctly, a 45 minute workout a few times per week is all you need to get in great shape! The results you get from it are noticeable so fast, it became naturally motivating to continue.

Reason 3: Realistic

A great trick to maximizing a shorter workout is making sure that it’s never boring or monotonous. Even in its most simple form, the 45 minute workouts at Bootique Fitness doesn’t give anyone time to get distracted or lose mental focus during the session. The exercises are always challenging and fun, and the rest time is kept at a minimum. This ensures that the 45 minutes are maximized and increases your training results.

Lack of time is the number one reason people state for not exercising. But, what if it took half the time you thought it would or less? Plus, working out should be part of your day not your entire day.

These workouts are also very practical and convenient for our clients from a standpoint of time. Most people have very busy lives that are full of responsibilities with limited time to spare. These 45 minute workouts ensure that you can get an effective top notch workout in minimum time.

Reason 4: Intensity

Recalling the goals outlined earlier, you know that high intensity workouts are best at burning fat. As much as you may want to sustain a high intensity training level, it not natural to maintain high intensity long term. Think about sprinting. Can you sprint for an hour? No. It’s impossible. But can you walk for an hour? Absolutely. Because walking is very low intensity, you can do it for a extended period of time whereas sprinting is very high intensity and requires short bursts of energy.

When you go hard in your workout and use all of your energy to make the workout intense, it is impossible to keep going for a long period of time. It’s been proven that shorter, more intense workouts are more effective for fat loss than longer workouts with less intensity.

Reason 5: Hormones

Less is more. While you might think more is more when it comes to working out, keeping workouts short is one of the best ways to control cortisol. Cortisol is released by the body in response to stress, and strength training sessions shorter than 45 minutes have been demonstrated to minimize its production. Similarly, cortisol is best controlled by cardio sessions shorter than 30 – 45 minutes.

Overall, the 45 minute workout experience is not only effective

– but it’s better than the conventional 60 minute routine in so many ways! With over 12 years of experience in the fitness field, we believe if you can get more results with less time and hassle, you will want to work out and continue doing it. Thereby, you’ll continue getting the benefits of a fantastic workout routine.

Keep in mind though, intensity is KEY. There’s no room to slack off. Use this time to focus and drive yourself to do your best. The results will prove worth it!