Busting Bodyweight Exercise Myths

Sure, there are a lot of great resistance machines and weights out there that really can help build muscles and strength; but guess what? We were already born with the best workout machine – our bodies! San Diego Personal Trainers at Bootique Fitness bust common myths that are out there about bodyweight workouts, and how you can get in shape without an indoor gym or expensive machines.

Myth: You can’t get really strong without weights and machines.

Fact: False! Unless your goal is power weightlifting or extreme body building, then yes, you can build muscle, tone and get strong using your own body. This is especially great for those new to working out, people with limited mobility, and/or those who have injuries and can’t lift very heavy weight. San Diego Personal Trainers and Bootique Fitness know these types of injuries and the bodyweight workouts that are appropriate to get you to where you want to be. We know that building muscle is important for preventing injuries, and it can help you build back your strength slowly and strongly. Using your own body weight to get stronger will push you to limits you thought you could only get from machines and free weights.

Myth: Ok, so you can get stronger, but I can’t sculpt muscle from just my own body weight!

Fact: Yes you can! There is a threshold and plateau with any type of workout. With bodyweight exercises, you will get to the point where you have mastered the push-up, or you’re a professional with planks. So, where do you go from here? Say hello to triceps and Spiderman push-ups. Welcome the side plank with leg lifts and hold. There are always new and advanced ways to push your body to higher ground. San Diego Personal Trainers at Bootique will throw many varieties of bodyweight workouts your way; no being bored or hitting plateaus!

Myth: Bodyweight workouts are not the optimal way to get the best physique.

Fact: I’m sure we have all thought this at one time or another. We see the machines, the free heavy weights, all the fun ropes, kettlebells, and workout toys we know that work us out like crazy. You can definitely increase your fitness in this way. But how about this: less time, more intensity, and easier transition, Bodyweight exercises can increase your fitness level and strength in less time then you spend sitting in traffic! Research has shown more intense workouts in shorter periods of time increases heart rate level to burn more calories. With no time spent on moving from one machine to the next (allowing your heart rate to drop), your heart rate can stay elevated.

Another time saver? Cardio and strength training are combined into one. With burpees and jumping jacks for cardio, pushups and squats for strength, no time wasted. Another road to a better physique? No more excuses. Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, gym or no gym membership, alone or in a group, rain or shine.

San Diego Personal trainers can show you the most effective body weight workout for you and your body – challenge yourself to a new challenge and a new body!