At Bootique Fitness, we know how important high intensity and body weight workouts are to become stronger. Although using our body weight to build muscle and tone is extremely effective, after some time, adding weights to our workouts will help take us to that next level.

Maybe you have plateaued and need an extra boost or you want to work on your strength. Whatever the reason, becoming familiar with using weights to workout will only help your progress to become the strongest you can be!

Bootique trainers can help you decide what type of weights and how much weight to get. Dumbbells are a great weight to have at home; they are easier to grasp and can be kept in the house or in the car without much of a nuisance. You can use them while watching T.V. or sometimes at the office on breaks; you will be surprised the strength you can build just with a few more weight workouts added in.

New Personal Training Group Class

Now for the fun part; Bootique is adding in BYOW (Bring Your Own Weights) to Monday classes! This is where Bootique trainers can show you the proper technique for your own personal routine of weight training; and practice at home! They can advise on how heavy of weights to start off with, and once you’ve progressed, you will “graduate” to another weight. Bringing your weights to class will help familiarize yourself with them and get your body used to a routine.

The more comfortable you are with something, the more you will do it; especially when you see the results!
Now, having a “Case of the Mondays” will mean strength, fitness, and a fun new toy to have in class. Talk to your Bootique trainers at your next class to talk about weight type, how much weight to start off on, and where to get less expensive and comfortable weights.