How to Stop Procrastinating and Missing Workouts

Picture it – you’re making breakthroughs in your fitness goals, seeing sexy muscle tone, feeling the positive effects of all your hard work… And then?

Then one day you decide not to workout. After all, you’ve been dedicated and faithful in your eating and workout routine. So you skip a day. One day turns into a week and before you know it, you’ve fallen completely away from your healthy lifestyle you were working to hard to maintain.

Fact: A day off from working out isn’t going to kill you.

You don’t have to feel guilty either. However, when you begin to make excuses for taking multiple days off and because you can’t keep your workout schedule – you may need to check your motivations. Figuring out if you’re just taking a day off or if that one day is the beginning of a steady decline in your fitness regimen is a crucial key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Have you made this workout excuses?

You can’t workout because:

  • You have new commitments in life and your time is limited…
  • Your job/family/hobbies/school work is demanding more of your time than ever before…
  • You have an injury and you don’t want to do too much while recovering…
  • The holidays (or vacation) are coming up and you just want to relax…

You can probably think of hundreds of legitimate reasons to skip a day here and there. Ok, that’s fine, but don’t let those reasons become the excuses you use to stop working out regularly. An injury is a legitimate reason that you may have to change or drastically reduce the type of workouts you can do, however, when you have the help of professional fitness trainers, like the ones here at Bootique Fitness, then you have no excuse to stop your fitness routine. In fact, the Bootique Fitness trainers can help you through most any situation that may become an excuse to stop working out: physical, emotional or other…

If being healthy and fit is important to you, then you will do what it takes in order to see it through. When you are tempted to skip a workout for a marginal reason, think about your fitness goals, the progress you’ve made and whether or not one day can sustain the lifestyle you’re trying to build. Again, legitimate reasons may sideline you, but if you’re serious about your health, speaking to one of our professional fitness trainers (and your Doctor of course) about what you can safely do with your injury will help you maintain some of your progress.

Excuse 1 for missing workouts – healing from an injury

If you have an upper body injury, you can still do lower body workouts. And, lower body workouts are best for fat loss and its metabolism boosting qualities. And, if you have a lower body injury, your upper body is still available to be strengthened and toned. When I was sidelined after my foot surgery, I continued to work my upper body. Sitting on the floor with my foot elevated and my resistance bands in hand, I still managed to get a good workout. You can ask Sarah – she came over to workout with me a few times and was surprised when she found herself sore after doing a workout with me while I was injured.

Excuse 2 for missing workouts – too busy

If you find that you’re becoming more busy with work, family or other commitments, make a schedule that includes working out. If it’s on the schedule, then you will automatically make time to do it. Don’t believe me? Think back to something else you never thought you would have time to do… going to school, taking the kids to practice, joining a book club… but you found time. If it’s important, you can always make time for it.

Being fit is a great way to keep up with all of the new commitments you may be experiencing. On the contrary, skipping workouts will make it harder to function at a high level throughout the day. You’ll find that you have more energy when you maintain a healthy fitness routine as opposed to when you don’t.

It’s easy to be relaxed when you have seen some results for all your hard work and you feel that you deserve a little slack. We all feel that way. But, remember your goals and stick with them. You’ll be glad you didn’t allow yourself to get into the fitness trap of “one day too many” off. And if you really need that day off, take it, enjoy it and then come right back to boot camp class re-energized and ready to kick butt!

With several convenient locations plus online and on demand classes to fit into your busy schedule, you CAN make time to do your workout. Plus, we always cover modifications no matter what injury you’re recovering from. Check out our San Diego outdoor women classes and sign up for a free trial.

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