We’re using your favorite pop and hip hop songs and easy-to-follow moves to bring you a high-energy cardio dance experience you are sure to love. This won’t feel like a boring cardio workout nor will you feel like you’re being judged on “So You Think You Can Dance”. This dance party is more like a night out with your friends – only that annoying guy won’t be hitting on you and there’s no danger of a hangover tomorrow.

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Dance Fitness San Diego Hip Hop Cardio Classes


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Contagious Energy

It’s impossible not to smile along and feed off the happy energy in this class. With your metabolism burning and endorphins flying, you’re guaranteed to feel good in a dance class.

zumba dance fitness in San Diego

Fresh, New Music

Jaylin is always bringing you new dance routines to your favorite songs so the workout is always fresh and fun. We use simple, easy-to-follow dance moves that you can learn right away without previous dance experience.

dance cardio zumba fitness san diego

No Dance Judges

We’re not in a competition with each other, just here to move, have fun and get fit. No dance experience or coordination required. All fitness levels are welcome.


This program is for the all those who want to have fun doing their cardio workouts. No need to get on a boring treadmill, or any dance experience for that matter. All you need is a desire to move, have fun and not take yourself too seriously. 🙂

LOCATION: Golden State Ballet & Pilates (6338 Riverdale Street)


  • Tues 5:30 pm
  • Thurs 7:00 pm

  • Saturdays 9:00 am

  • Sundays 10:00 am


Yes this is one of THE MAJOR COMPONENT of working with a coach… what to EAT. During this program we can teach you more about nutrition than you may have been exposed to and working together find out what YOU need to eat for YOUR body, YOUR goals and YOUR schedule.

  • Customizable Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Success Guide
  • Food Exchange List
  • Simple Grocery List

Bootique is a community. Our clients find it easy to form bonds with the women they sweat with and that connection motivates them to show up and do their best.

As your trainer, we email, call, set goals, follow up, cheer you on. We not only notice if you miss class… we reach out and ask why and make sure you get to the next one.

There are many ways to measure results. We encourage you to find the tracking method that works best for you.

You may prefer to focus on personal assessments like how your clothes are fitting or how you see yourself in the mirror. We encourage both!

If you are motivated by more quantifiable factors like measurements, scale weight and body fat analysis – we’re here for you with full body assessments and results tracking.

We’ve designed a series of dance videos online for you to use in the event that you can’t make it to a class. Just bring us a flash drive and we’ll download the videos for you. There’s always a way to get your Bootique work out completed.

We’ve proven our program works time and time again. It’s important to us to prove it to you. When you take our advice and follow our guidance, it will work for you. However, if you are following the program and not satisfied, we will refund your purchase.


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Cardio Hip Hop - Single



  • Burn Tons of Calories

  • Friendly Classes

  • Many Fitness Levels

  • Great Energy

  • Easy Parking

  • Lots of Dance Space

  • Sprung Floors

  • Make New Friends

It’s a fun cardio class based on easy-to-follow dance moves. If you’ve tried Zumba but didn’t quite find the music and choreography you were looking for, then we encourage you to try our cardio hip hop / dance fitness party class.

Bootique’s Cardio Hip Hop classes in San Diego are popular because it’s so easy to get hooked on it! The fun, the workout, the moves, the people – all of it combines with a program that is ideal for every fitness level, from the very new beginner to the advanced veteran.

You’ll forget you’re there for a work out as you get caught up in the fun and freedom of dancing with us! You’ll start seeing and feeling the benefits of our energized, effective and fun class in no time as your body transforms to a slimmer and healthier you. People of all ages will benefit from and enjoy this class!

No, this is not a Zumba class though there are some similarities. We are similar to Zumba in that we use easy-to-follow dance moves that anyone can pick up – no dance experience needed. Unlike Zumba, our class uses more pop and hip-hop music. We also offer some greater intensity challenges to those who are looking for a tougher work out. Come try a class and you’ll see how different we are!

The most important thing is to be comfortable. Dress in athletic wear and be prepared to sweat. It is recommended to wear sneakers that support aerobic activity and lateral movement. A cross-trainer would work well or you may choose to get a specialized dance sneaker. Running and walking shoes generally have thicker tread which may make them harder to dance in.

Yes! This is Dance Fitness after all. An average Cardio Hip Hop class can burn 500 to 800 calories! You can of course burn more or less depending on your intensity and fitness level.

No, you do not need to be a dancer. Our Cardio Hip Hop dance class is designed for everyone, no experience necessary. The dance movements are simple and repetitive – which makes it easy enough for beginners and still challenging enough for advanced students. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the steps in one class. Start with the legs and keep moving. As you keep coming to class, you will naturally pick up the moves incorporating more hip and arms to the dances. If you can move, Dance Party Fitness is for you. If you enjoy music, Cardio Hip Hop is for you. If you want to enjoy a workout, Cardio Hip Hop is for you. If you need a change of pace, Cardio Hip Hop is for you.

Prepare to sweat! This San Diego dance class will get your heart pumping and increase your endurance – you’ll have more energy and burn fat. The moves will work your core (abs, back and hips) to strengthen and define them. Besides the physical benefits, our dance class is a “feel good” workout, not a dreaded chore. The music is motivating and fun, you’ll leave happy. Results vary by individual and depend on diet and frequency of exercise, but you may be pleasantly surprised by the scale, the mirror, by how much better your clothes fit, and by how much more energy you have!

YES, you can just show up, but we recommend making a reservation as drop ins are first come first serve, and we would hate to have to turn you away because class is full. You can make reservations on our schedule here. First class is free.

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