Running More but Losing Less?

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a novice, sometimes we can hit a plateau in our weight loss and fitness; even if we are running consistently. Why haven’t I lost any weight? Why have I gained weight? Why do I feel more fatigued when I should have more energy from running? Here are some common reasons why we aren’t losing weight. Let’s “run” through them:

Same Old Song

Are you running the exact same pace and same distance each time you run? This can halt our weight loss and fitness level. Interval training has been shown to aid in weight loss, so switch it up! Run at your highest capacity for as long as you can, then slow it down to a walk or jog, and repeat. Download an interval running app to help guide you. Run it!

Be Strong

As we have mentioned before, strength training is imperative to integrate into your running. It prevents injury, can boost metabolism, and will tone muscles to help you slim down. Muscle is also a fat burner, so pump it up in between running it out!

Stressin’ Out

You may run to relieve mental stress, but too much physical stress on your body can cause weight gain! Physical stress can cause cortisol (the stress hormone) to rise, causing weight gain notoriously around the midsection. Listen to your body and push hard; just not to a breaking point.

Sugar and Processed Carbs

We run, so we can load up on the carbs and sweet cakes, right? Nope. Diet is just as important as the exercise you pair with them. Refined carbs will turn in to sugar, and then combine that with more sugar; this will just lead to weight gain, or just no weight loss at all. Eat foods that will produce energy, not the sugar crash and weight gain.

Catching those Z’s

Sleep works with our bodies and hormones that affect our appetite. Not enough sleep may result in overactive hunger and a need for a burst of energy. We unfortunately would most likely pick something for that energy boost that isn’t the best for us; such as a sugary energy drink, or refined carbs like mentioned before. Sleep it to lose it!


We may have a food allergy we aren’t aware of that can cause weight gain. Gluten, sugar, or dairy are common food sensitivities. Get checked out by a physician or dietitian to see if you have any food issues. Once that is squared away, your diet will be in harmony with your exercise.

Running is not just good for weight loss, but for general health, fitness, and mental stress relief. Make the most of your running by preparing your diet, changing up your running routine, and getting that sleep! You will see the changes in your body whether it’s weight loss, longer distance, strength, more energy, or a combo of it all!

Get excited about running! Make sure you have proper shoes and gear. The guys at Milestone Running in North Park can help you with that. Get motivated by signing up for a fun race. Check out Sandy Feet Events for fun local races and get moving!

Happy Running!