America’s Finest City – San Diego, CA.

We have it all: ocean for swimming and surfing, mountains for hiking, and the best climate for outdoor activities. Why always work out in a gym when we have such nice areas to take advantage of in this beautiful city. Even in the colder months, San Diego is the place to take advantage of workouts. San Diego Personal Trainers at Bootique Fitness will make the most out of your time by maximizing the efficiency of your workouts, whether indoors or outdoors!

The Great Outdoors

San Diego Personal Trainers at Bootique take advantage of their habitat! Using whatever nature has to offer (hills, soft grass landings, park benches, and even the trees!), these trainers put your body to the test. Speaking of bodies, body weight workouts are a staple for Bootique. Burpees, push-ups, core workouts, back strengthening, leg and posterior work… San Diego Personal Trainers here will work you out with no equipment needed. They will teach you proper form, technique, and modifications if you have an injury or are just getting started. Another way to enjoy the outdoors with Bootique? Yoga! A peaceful breeze, the fresh aid, and our personal trainer will guide you through an amazing class to help with flexibility, posture, and strength. All this outdoor training sounds great, right? But how will you stick to it? From logging into your personal training classes to a friendly check in via text or email, San Diego Personal Trainers will keep you on track and will support you all the way!

Let’s Take This…Inside

Want to change up the routine and environment? San Diego Personal Trainer Jaylin has the perfect prescription – Zumba! Rain or shine, come on into this dance hall for a fun, energetic, sweaty, calorie burning dance class that will have you dancing in your car on the way home! The music, fun dance routines, and easy to follow instruction will have you wishing Zumba was held even MORE than the 4 days a week it’s already scheduled! Want another indoorsy class? Oh yes, Bootique also holds a yoga class held indoors, conveniently located Mission Valley. Downward dog and pigeon pose to your heart’s desire in a quiet, serene location.

Your VIPs

Not only are San Diego Personal Trainers with Bootique Fitness supportive of your health and fitness goals, but so are the other “Bootique’ers” that you will get to know. Whether it’s your group personal training class, Zumba, or Yoga, you will have to look no further for support and accountability. Whether you meet these women outside, inside, or alongside with a personal trainer, you will be comfortable, supported, and see results in no time.
Take advantage of America’s Finest City, San Diego, and America’s Finest Fitness Experts, San Diego Personal Trainers at Bootique Fitness!