Boot camp does a body good

Many places call themselves “boot camp” but are run in completely different ways. You may have tried some in the past, or tried some gym classes with the same name, but you just didn’t get into it. A real and true boot camp are those camps that invite and challenge any body type at any fitness level and work out your entire body in 60 min or less. It’s a workout that leaves you sweaty, tired, and burning calories during AND after your workout. Most boot camp exercises can also be done when you’re at home, indoors, outdoors and just about anywhere. San Diego Boot camp teaches you different ways to move and work your body, in a small amount of time, do you are getting the most of your workout in the time you are carving out for yourself.

Boot camp workouts are always changing

One of the best things about boot camp in San Diego is the classes are never the same. There may be some of the same individual exercises, but the set up and flow always keep you guessing. Add in some weights, kettlebells, and resistance bands, and that same exercise you may have done forever turns into an extra burner! Think you are just going to do some push-ups? Boot camp adds running in between, or an extra leg workout for balance and strength. IT’s all about getting more bang for your buck; and showing yourself that you can do way more than you thought you could.

Boot camp doesn’t let you give up

Another great perk to boot camp is you are less likely to want to give up. In a class setting, with trainers and like-minded boot campers around you, your mental game is on point. If you worked out alone or maybe with a friend, the mental part takes over and you are more likely to quit or cut the workout short. In camp, the sets are quick and intense, giving your body the workout it needs, but doesn’t give your mind time to think about stopping. We can wrap our mind around doing something for 4-7 minutes before a break rather than 45-60 minutes of the same thing. Many camps also come with that built in accountability. A fellow camper may text you to ask if you will be at class. Your trainer or camp instructor will check in to see how you are if you haven’t showed up at a couple classes. Either way, when you are feeling like you want to completely check out, you have people who will support and care about your workouts; even you don’t!

Boot camp makes you look good!

Nothing makes a person feel better than confidence. Boot camps leave you not only wanting more, but have you walking out of every class feeling accomplished and validated. Every time you go to a class you are getting better, stronger, and faster. Your head will start to be held higher and by sharing your experience with your friends and family, they will see how much camp has helped you see yourself like they see you: amazing! Maybe these camps used to be intimidating to you, or you thought there was no way you would be able to hang. Think of how awesome you will feel after your first class and every subsequent workout. New addiction: boot camp.

With San Diego boot camps, it only gets better and better. Even when you are sweating through your clothes, hair up, no makeup, and getting gritty, you will feel like the best looking person around. 45 minutes a day to feel this amazing? THAT is what boot camp is all about.