11 Ways To Avoid Gaining Weight On The Weekend

Many of my clients have confessed to me that they do really well on their diet and fitness plan during the week – but then the weekend comes…

Let’s face it; weekends can be really hard for dieters. With holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day; not to mention all the weekend barbecues, weekends at the beach and other perks of living in San Diego and you can see just how it can be a struggle to maintain your diet. So, what are some great ways to stay on your diet during the weekend madness?


After a long, stressful week of work, soccer games, play dates and errands, you deserve some down time. Give yourself some unapologetic time to breathe and relax. It will do wonders for your stress levels which will lessen any food cravings and anxious feelings to eat.

Eat a healthy breakfast

So you sleep in later, that’s ok, but don’t skip breakfast. Starting your day with a delicious high-protein, high fiber breakfast will give you the nutrients your body needs to feel satisfied until it’s time for your next meal.

Have a brunch date

Do you have a tradition of doing brunch on the weekends? No need to cancel on your friends. Instead, go to brunch and show your friends that you can enjoy their company and an egg white omelet full of fresh veggies with a small side of oatmeal. Eggs are the superfood packed with protein (all 9 essential amino acids). You can pair your eggs with great vegetables like spinach and onions, and add a little bit of cheese for variety. Fruits are always a good addition to begin your mornings as well. Whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter is a delicious and healthy way to top off your breakfast.

Take it with you

You’re lunch, that is. If you know you’ll be heading for a sporting event or out to the beach, taking your lunch can help keep you on track with your healthy diet. Cheese sticks, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, carrots and nuts are great compact foods that are portable and can be enjoyed anywhere. Plus, you’ll be able to side step the cravings that usually give people the most problems in their food choices. Bringing healthy snacks is always a good way to plan your diet and stick to it.

Prep work

Take some time to shop for and cook your meals for the week on the weekend. This may feel sort of labor-intensive in the beginning, but with some practice, you’ll get really efficient at it. Most importantly, it will save you a lot time and scrambling during week.

Be the hostess

Want to get together with your friends without a lot unhealthy temptations at a cookout? Invite your friends over to your place where you can plan the menu. Serve the food buffet style, it’s easier on you and everyone else can control their own choices and portions. Grill up some juicy chicken breasts and vegetable skewers. Use platters of fresh fruit, veggies and cheeses – its a good way to save time in the kitchen and eat more healthy foods.

Be active

After you enjoy a little downtime, get up! Giving your body a chance to relax is not synonymous with spending the weekend vegging on the coach.

Find an activity you love to do

It doesn’t have to be a ‘workout’ necessarily, but it should involve moving. There are so many wonderful things to do outside in this incredible San Diego sunshine. Find something you enjoy like hiking, biking, kayaking or swimming… Gather your friends and make it a habit of your weekend routine. If you know you’ll be hitting the pool for some fun in the sun, sneak in a couple of laps. You’ll be in the pool anyway; why not workout a bit?

Want to workout?

Go for it! Especially if you missed one of your workouts during the week. For fat loss, you want to be doing at least 5 intense workouts each week. We recommend at least 3 boot-camp-style and 2 cardio workouts each week.

Need more accountability?

Do regular Monday morning weigh-ins. Take stock of what you ate in a food journal and weigh yourself to measure the results. If you notice over time that your weight is fluctuating wildly, monitor your calories more closely during the weekend (by writing in your food journal) to pinpoint the where the problem may lie.

Change your point of view

A lot of times, people rebel on the weekends as a ‘reward’ for being really strict during the week. Well… just like being too strict with a teenager, this strategy often backfires. Instead, don’t try to restrict yourself from everything that you enjoy during the week. Allowing yourself a little treat here and there will help tame your inner rebel on the weekends.

Overall, weekends are meant to be enjoyed! Use the tips above to relax, eat well, be active with your friends and stick to your goals!

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