Congratulations Miss May!

We are proud to announce Sibet as our Featured Bootique Client!

For the past 4 years we’ve had the pleasure of rocking out with this awesome mermaid! She treats our dance class like a fashion show, impressing us with some very cool leggings and wolf tanks. When we can keep her in town that is… we have to share her with Maui – an island she appears to visit every other week :). We’re just in awe of this breezy lifestyle she enjoys!

What would you like our community to know about you?

Aloha! I am a native Southern Californian and part-time Maui resident. I work with kids as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, and I am artist as well. Please check out my paintings at! I have been married to George for 20 years, no kids. I love surfing, diving, and anything that gets me near or in the water; clearly I come from good mermaid stock. And, obviously, I love to dance.

Tell us an interesting or unusual fact about yourself.

I play the ukulele and sing, and am available for weddings. 😉 haha (… I love the ukelele – Jaylin)

What is your guilty pleasure?!

I read US Weekly cover to cover each week. Ask me anything about any celebrity and I can talk about them as if we’re BFFs.

How long have you been training with Bootique Fitness?

I have been dancing with Jaylin since February of 2012!

What was your life like before Bootique Fitness? How is that different now that you train with Bootique?

Though I have been active and exercised my whole life, right before starting to dance with Bootique, I was grieving the loss of my 15 year old dog, and coming off an injury (sea urchin in the foot) and had not danced for about 6 months. I had forgotten the joy dancing gives me. Dancing is like a shot in the arm of positive energy that I look forward to.

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness? How do your results make you feel?

Since I’ve been dancing more, I think I have become longer and leaner. I tend to be muscular and that can look bulky, but dance really balances out my other workouts-especially surfing. I feel like I have found the perfect combination for my body.

Tell me about your experience with the trainers.

They are all super nice and fun people.

What are your favorite/least favorite songs to dance to?

I love hip hop and pop.

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

The positive energy that Jaylin brings, the fun music, and the great people in class.

What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals?

Good health is a lifestyle. It’s not something you do on the side. Everyday we wake up and (thankfully) have choices about EVERYTHING we think and do. Once a person realizes that and makes choices that make them feel good- positive self talk, a kind attitude toward others, doing work you love, healthy food choices, exercising and treating your body well, etc, life flows easily and you start manifesting the dream!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks, Jaylin! I am so glad you and Bootique are part of my life!