Meditation – A Tool For Weight Loss

When it comes to shaping up and losing weight, most of us think of two things – diet and exercise. Eating right and staying active are crucial, but what about your mind? Just like your body, your mind needs exercise too. Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t about the latest diet, it’s about changing your lifestyle for the better. What you eat, how often you exercise, and how mindful you are when it comes to taking care of yourself, are all important ingredients for change. Practicing meditation on a regular basis can help you to cultivate the mindfulness you need to stay on track.

When you meditate you are practicing self-observation and learning to be present. By tuning into your body and making a conscious effort to remain present in everything you do, you can begin to make better choices in all areas of your life. The art of meditation can be practiced in many forms from visualization to walking, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not one for sitting. Choose a form of meditation that you will enjoy.

Along with exercising your mind and helping you to meet your weight loss goals, meditation has many other health benefits. Meditation teacher, Frank Jude Boccio says, “It has been shown to decrease oxygen consumption, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, and increase the intensity of alpha, theta, and delta brain waves the opposite of the physiological changes that occur during the stress response.”

Instead of caving to your junk food craving or checking out during your exercise routine, try delving deeper into it. Think about your craving and ask yourself if it is genuine or a result of something else. While you’re exercising, focus on the movements of your body and how they are helping you. When you are present in all that you do, each moment becomes a mini meditation guiding you to success.

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