Breaking the I’ll Start Tomorrow Cycle

When thinking about the best time to begin your health journey, what usually comes to mind is, “oh, I’ll start tomorrow” or “after this weekend”, but the perpetual cycle of putting off your health may be hindering you from ever getting started.

Lacing up your sneakers and driving to the gym today can leave you feeling ill prepared and, frankly, scared, but whether you want to create a new workout routine, eat healthier, or lose weight, the “I’ll start tomorrow” trap is often the first and most frequent roadblock on the way to reaching your goals.

While procrastination may seem like a willpower problem, in all actuality, what’s likely going on is that change is scary and admitting that you need to do something different and actually embracing it can feel like your have failed in some way. But quite the contrary. When you confront your challenges head on, admit you need to do something about it and begin to change your habits is when your strength really shines.

Adjusting how you think and feel about whatever undesirable task you’re avoiding can help you stop procrastinating and finally take action. We are here to help, so we’ve compiled a few simple ways to quit saying “maybe tomorrow” and make positive changes today.

Find your why

The first step is to grab your pen and paper and answer these important questions: What are you procrastinating and why is this step an important part your big-picture dream? While feeling comfortable in a bathing suit is great, our motivation should not just be skin deep. If your visions of health are rooted in something superficial or negative, they are more likely to elicit your inner rebel because it’s most often attached to restriction and consequence.

For example, if your plan is to cut our all sugar in order to lose 10 pounds, you’ll likely have the cupcake today and save your overly-restrictive diet for tomorrow. Instead, start with positivity so you’ll be more likely to step up and make changes right away even when the change is uncomfortable.

Start small

Big goals require big changes, and that’s another reason why tomorrow seems like an attractive starting point. Instead of trying to tackle your goals all at once, commit to one small step at a time. Pick just one healthy thing to do today, like choosing a healthier than usual option for lunch or drinking more water to work your way up to those bigger goals.

Get rid of the all-or-nothing mindset

Nobody is perfect, and that’s okay! Making healthy choices most of the time is what brings change. Each day is an opportunity to make good decisions when it comes to your health and fitness, but everyone has lapses. When they happen, it’s important not to let them defeat you, just vow to make a better choice next time.

Get your friends on board

Lean on your friends and loved ones to keep you accountable. Keeping your fitness goals to yourself enables you to break a promise you’ve made to yourself, but when you involve others, it’s harder to let them down. In lieu of your weekly happy hour, opt for a walk or Bootique Fitness class instead. Check in frequently and keep each other accountable to your goals.

Question: Do you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to change? What have you done in the past to get the motivation to make a change?

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