It’s in your legs, your back, your neck, and everywhere that you never knew you could feel such muscle soreness. The discomfort your feeling is a direct results of the exercises you did. There is really no way to completely avoid it but there are ways to minimize it. Muscle soreness is inevitable when you do a new exercise or one of more intensity than usual. Breathe easier knowing that the worst muscle tightness you experience will only be in the first 48 hours. Here are a few ways to help diminish soreness and tightness.

  • Stretch: There is nothing better than a good solid stretch to relieve your muscle pain. You know where you are the sorest, really focus on stretching out those areas. That doesn’t mean that you can completely neglect the rest of your muscles but it will help to relieve the soreness quicker. Use the exercises done at boot camp to give you some inspiration when stretching outside of class. If you need more suggestions, feel free to ask your instructor, they are full of fun and effective stretches.
  • H20: This is the magic stuff right here! Water will provide your body with necessary nutrients and help to flush out those nasty toxins. The buildup of lactic acid won’t stand a chance against this stuff.
  • Keep moving: The more you move, the more your blood flow will increase, which releases nutrients, and the less you will be complaining about how your muscles feel. Even a light jog or walk on your day off from boot camp will help immensely.
  • Post work-out protein intake: Immediately after a high intensity workout, try to chug down a protein shake. If possible when you arrive home, eat a protein rich, light meal to fill you up and provide your muscles with the protein needed to heal themselves.
  • Warm up and cool down: It is so important to warm up prior to any fitness activity, this will help prepare your muscles for what is ahead instead of shocking them. Cooling down post workout is just as necessary. Try to make these two things a regular part of your routine.
  • Epsom Salt: Bathing in Epsom salt can be a real treat for your sore muscles. Just add 1/2 cup of salts to your bath and relax. You deserve some rewarding downtime.
  • Foam roll: using a foam roller helps to release knots and tightness in your muscles.

Something to keep in mind: Boot camp is always mixing things up and challenging new muscles. Because of this you will always feel a little bit of soreness, this is normal. However, your body will never be as sore as you were when you initially started, and that is a promise.