Okay, so now that we’ve discussed the best weight loss tracking apps, the best running apps, we will now tell you all about a few of the best workout apps for the gym rat inside all of us. Whether you’re into yoga, strength training, or simply good old cardio, we’ve got an app for you!

Best Workout Apps

1. Nike Training Club – If you’re in need of an extra push, circuit training will do just that. Nike Training Club comes with more workouts than you will know what to do with – basically meaning that you don’t even need to think, just DO! (Just do it, get it?!) The videos will explain exactly how to do each move with proper form so you will have much less chance of messing up. No matter what level you are, beginner, intermediate, or expert, Nike Training Club has got you covered. The more workouts you do, the more workouts you will unlock – meaning you will never be bored! Free, Iphone Only for now

**Great for boredom, all levels, and anyone who wants to focus on specific body parts

2. Fitness Builder – This app has over 200 workouts and the technology to help determine which one is best for you on any given day. As if that isn’t enough right there, there are also five timers, complete tracking capabilities, calculators, and a built in exercise physiologist. There are 2,000 images and videos to help ensure you are getting the safest, most effective workout possible. It’s been said that the only thing this app doesn’t do is perform liposuction. 9.99, Iphone, Android

**Great for those who seek variety and have don’t mind spending a few bucks.

3. iPump and Fitness Builder – Workout drawings and videos including weights, kettlebells, BOSU, foam rollers, and TRX are the standout feature of this app. On top of the amazing variety is the convenience and ability to search workouts by your location whether you’re at a hotel, at home, at the gym, or outdoors and also to choose workouts based on specific body parts or for overall calorie burn. $ Ranges from Free to $299.99, which includes physical therapy access, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

**Great for fans of modern fitness like TRX and foam rolling or for those who want to try something new and for those who face a lot of variety in their workout locations

4. Gorilla Workout – Somewhat reminiscent of “Zombies, RUN!,” this is one of the best workout apps because it turns boot camp into a game. It will kick you into high gear with moves we are used to doing in boot camp such as squats, burpees, and one-arm push ups. As soon as you get used to the level you’re on, bump it up! $0.99, Iphone, iPod, iPad

**Great for those of us who can’t always get to boot camp but want to stick with those kinds of workout and for anyone who likes to add a little fun to their workout!

5. Pocket Yoga – Yoga is an amazing activity for our bodies – the stretching and toning will do nothing but keep our bodies strong and lean. Not to mention, focusing on breathing helps keep your mind clear and at peace. Healthy minds equal healthy bodies. If you have not attempted yoga before or consider yourself a beginner, this is one of the best workout apps because it gives you the ability to practice at home. As a matter of fact, you can practice anywhere as long as you have your phone with you. Everything is customizable from the difficulty, duration, and even type of yoga practice. $2.99, iPhone, Android

**Great for yogis of any level!

6. MotionTraxx Radio – This is one of the best workout apps because it offers a huge selection of walking, running, and fitness workouts set to dance music at different BPMs. We’ve all had those days where the motivation is just NOT there and we’ve all had those days where music literally comes to the rescue. $2.99, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

**Great for anyone who likes to listen to music while they workout (all of us?!) and who don’t have problems with internet connection where they workout 🙂

7. Running Mate 101 – This one of the best workout apps because is has an 8 week running training program where you download each weekly workout, go for a run and hit play. From there you will receive audible coaching on exactly when to run and when to walk so as to stay on a pace that will help you to prevent injury and give you the best chance for success as a beginning runner. Free, iPod, any mp3 player

** This is the one Margaret Dubel is using that is keeping her so motivated!