June – FEATURED Boot Camp Client – Lila

Congratulations Lila!

We are proud to announce Lila as our Featured Boot Camp Client!

From the moment Lila started with Bootique, she’s been a joy to be around – always ready with a happy response, always pushing herself to go a little bit further and always sharing a friendly smile with her fellow 6 am’ers! We’ve had the pleasure of watching this fantastic woman transform and develop right before our eyes. Whether it’s getting low in close-grip triceps push ups or shaking her groove thing on the Zumba dance floor – Lila is always ready to take it to then next level.

I’ve also had the pleasure of playing with Lila on some of our group excursions. We have successfully navigated Mission Bay on paddleboards as well as stayed awake through an entire one-man-show about President Lincoln (yes, I sat still for 2 hours!).

What would you like people to know about you?

I am elementary school teacher with a shoe shopping addiction. My family includes: the most adorable dog in the world Bandito and his feline sister Peepers. I consider my mom to be my best friend and role model. In addition, I love to play with my friends and explore San Diego’s restaurants, boutiques, and walking trails. Taking a new class and traveling alone never gets old, as well. I try to conquer one fear a year.

Lila’s Experience with Bootique Fitness

Lila talks about how she came to work out with us and what her experience has been like in our San Diego boot camp.

You are celebrating you 1-year anniversary with Bootique Fitness! What’s that like?

I am excited to celebrate my first anniversary with Bootique and the amazing women who wake up at the crack of dawn with a spring in their step. Well, unlike the rest of the crew, I require a cup of coffee before I move. This year was a year of transformation!

What results have you seen since coming to Bootique Fitness?

Results, results, results, there are so many to list. First off, my energy level has increased. I value my morning workouts. Giving to myself before walking into a classroom of 30 allows me smile through the day.

Oh, a couple months ago, I was gesturing with my arms and my third grade class started giggling and said,” You have muscles!” Yep, I am stronger and leaner and it feels great.

What are your reasons for sticking with Bootique Fitness all this time?

Bootique is addicting for a variety of reasons. I love exercising outside and the routines never grow old because the personal trainers at boot camp are constantly changing it up-which keeps me guessing and moving. Moreover, the ladies that sweat with me are the best. We want to see each other succeed and truly care about each other. Friendship, fun, health, location, results, and Jaylin’s smile and impromptu dance solos – does not get much better!

Tell me about your experience with the personal trainers at boot camp.

I am a 6 am’er and usually workout with Jaylin. She is full of energy and knows my level and how to push me. She is sensitive to my personality and is able to keep me motivated and get just one more push up out of me.

I love her morning text messages before class, as well. She just knows when I need the extra nudge.

Jaylin encouraged me this year to run my first half marathon and I DID IT. I was not a runner, but had a strong desire to conquer this lifelong fear of failure. Through her counsel, my negative self-talk disappeared and her support is truly appreciated!!!! Sarah and Sabrina are also incredibly supportive and know how to make you sore the next day!!

What do you enjoy the most about Bootique Fitness?

I enjoy being strong, healthy and happy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to Ashley Herr for encouraging (forcing) me to try Bootique Fitness. I called you crazy for getting up before the sun and promised you I would NEVER get up early to exercise. I am so glad you constantly invited me until I had to say, “YES!”

Thank you Miss Lila! We love training you!

Be sure to congratulate and celebrate Lila when you see her at boot camp! She usually plays at the Marina boot camps with special guest appearances at Hillcrest boot camps and Zumba classes.

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