It’s true, high intensity cardio intervals are the most efficient means to burn fat, but that doesn’t mean they are the only way to burn fat.

We understand that sometimes you are going to feel too tired or too drained to do high intensity intervals. This is no reason stop moving altogether. Commit to doing at least 30 minutes of active movement daily.

Now if you haven’t been doing anything, we don’t recommend that you try to go out for an hour run this afternoon… You will hurt yourself and hate us and we don’t want either of those, now do we? Start somewhere and build from there.

Often, we hear that people do not have enough time for exercise, but in 99% of the cases with hundreds of clients we have worked with, when they come to us for help, we have been able to find a way to fit in more movement. Schedule active time into your day. If it is already on your schedule, you know that you definitely have time for it.

The activity does not have to be done all at the same time. You can break it up into 5 or 10 minute segments, and remember that 10 minutes is better than zero minutes. Not everything you do needs to make you sweat. Although that specific workout you spend up to an hour on a day is going to be a very important part of meeting your health and fitness goals, the other 23 hours of your day count for a lot.

Here are some great ideas to be more active.

You can live a fuller, healthier life without too much added effort.

1. Get up early – daily.

We know you don’t want to, but do you want to reach your goal? Then do it anyway. You will get used to it. Once you get into the routine, it will get easier – and you will be so much happier during the day knowing you already did your workout in the morning!

2. Walk!

Explore your neighborhood. Find a hill. Find a buddy or a co-worker. Use your 15 minute work break to walk up and down the stairs or take a lap around the block.

3. Use your lunch break.

Take a walk or hit the gym. This will also encourage you to eat a healthy lunch and snacks. If you don’t have access to a shower, head to the restroom and use antibacterial wipes, reapply deodorant and feel fresh for the rest of the day.

4. Do your workout directly after work.

Pack your shoes and clothes in the morning (with your homemade clean foods lunch) and make your workout a part of your routine.

5. Play tag or other outdoor games,

with your kids. See who can jump rope the longest without messing up, etc.

6. Walk in place or do jumping jacks,

squats or jump rope during your favorite TV show. You don’t have to give up the things you love, just make it work for you. Pick up the pace (or take a break if needed) during the commercials, then get back to work during the show.

7. Do your household chores and yard work.

You know you need to clean your room anyway.

8. Stand up when you are on the phone.

Pace around or do a couple of squats.

9. Get up and dance.

Throw on your favorite music and bounce around your home. If you are really courageous, take a salsa lesson or come to Zumba class

10. Walk your dog.

Take your pal around a few blocks. You will both appreciate it.

11. Connect

with your fellow Bootique Fitness enthusiast on our Facebook page to make plans as activity partners. You can see we listed a lot of different activities above. There is not a perfect exercise for everyone – the perfect exercise for you is whatever one you will do! Swimming, dancing, playing with your kids, hiking, biking, walking, and many more options are out there.

When you are doing interval workouts, you may want to download an interval timer. They are a great tool for your interval training workouts. You see us use these in class all the time. Sometimes, we have them in stock for $23, just ask or you can order online here. It’s a great tool for adding accountability to your workouts, especially when you’re following the cardio plan in the Tools For Success on Your Members Site.