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In addition to having access to any of our personal training group classes (any time, any location), our memberships come with nutrition guidance, private motivational coaching, a complimentary 60 minute massage, fat burning nutrition plans, assessments, accountability check-ins, additional online workout videos to guide you through your cardio workouts, and more… everything you need to get in the best shape of your life!

Get started on nutrition plan right away – eating well is key to maximizing your results! Then choose 2-3 more tools that you are ready to commit to and build new, healthy habits. Bookmark this page so that you can come back for more resources. There’s a lot of information here but habits take time to build so I encourage you not to try to take on everything at once. Establish a few new habits and then come back for more guidance.


Featured Bootique Client – A Kovacs

Congratulations Miss May! We are proud to announce A as our Featured Bootique Client! A has been impressing us and entertaining us since the day we met and climbed to the top of the Museum [...]





This is a one-on-one meeting with Bootique Fitness Founder, Jaylin Allen.

Take this opportunity to discuss your goals based on you and what YOU want to achieve, develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals and learn how to overcome any obstacles that have stood in your way in the past. You will get to focus on your personal motivation factors that will help me help you be successful here at Bootique Fitness.

To schedule your ‘Girl Talk’ Strategy Session, complete these 3 steps:

To get the most out of our meeting, this must be completed in full. The Goal Allowing Process – Achieving goals is more about overcoming obstacles have stood in your way in the past and create an action plan to reach them this time. This guide will help you do that. You can print these sheets to just write on regular paper or in an email. Bring with you to your Girl Talk.
Are you really ready for a change? Use this questionnaire to see how willing you are to make the healthy changes necessary to reach your goals. Be honest – that’s the way this will help you. – Readiness For Change Questionnaire
After you have finished the 2 parts above, contact Jaylin via phone, text or email to share your availability. These sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour long and take place at Jaylin’s home office in Mission Valley (5930-A Mission Center Rd.)



There are 2 simple ways to sign up for our Personal Training Group, Dance Fitness Party and Yoga classes.

To sign up from our schedule – CLICK HERE.

You can download the Zenplanner app on your phone.

Schedule your classes in advance and mark them on your calendar. This will help you stay accountable to your fitness goals.

blissed out massage san diego



Bootique believes in complete wellness. We’ve created a network of professionals that you can count on for additional body work.

All Bootique members get a free massage gift from Blissed Out Massage. Lauren Kelley and her team are incredible! They will help ease your sore muscles so you can recover faster.

*Ease muscle aches and pains
*Release overly tight muscles
*Relieve stress
Schedule your Girl Talk session with Jaylin to get your massage gift certificate.




download the Cardio Interval Workout Plan – Download here.

Muscle Soreness Relief – See here

Why You Should Be Foam Rolling – See here

How To Alleviate Knee Pain By Foam Rolling – See here

4 Stretches To Alleviate Knee Pain – See here

3 Proven Strategies For Creating Healthy Habits – See here

download the Compliance Calendar – Download here.



5 Tips To Eat Healthy When You Are Out In San Diego – See here

7 Fast Food Picks Under 350 Calories! – See here

Fat Loss On-the-Go – See here

What To Eat Before Boot Camp – Easy snacks here

How To Keep A Food JournalSee here

How to Assess Your Progress – See here



We have created custom nutrition plans specifically designed to accelerate your results and help you reach your goals faster. Use these meal plans as a tool to focus on eating whole, supportive foods. These 4 week transformational meal plans to establish new habits for clean eating, accelerate your results and change your body.

If you weigh under 160 lbs, Download plan A
If you weigh over 160 lbs, Download Plan B.

These 2 week meal plans are designed to be used for a short time only. They are more restrictive and not designed for long term eating habits.

If you weigh under 160 lbs, Download plan A
If you weigh over 160 lbs, Download Plan B.




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Join The Bootique Fitness Inner Circle – It’s our private Facebook group designed to connect you with other Bootiquer’s.

Join the Bootique Active Nutrition Group – More online accountability and support for making healthy food choices.


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We’ve recorded hundreds of videos for you. Check out our extensive library of workouts you can follow along.

Here are our playlists:

Boot Camp Style  | Dance Fitness  |  Yoga  | Stretching & Recovery


Pinterest is a great platform to see tons of our blogs. We pin blogs about exercise, nutrition, recipes, featured clients, workout videos and more… Follow us on Pinterest to stay informed.


Our blog is full of helpful information to help you on your health and fitness journey. From recipes, to workouts, to mindful reminders and nutrition tips… it’s loaded with great ideas.

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Taco Pizza [Paleo]

INGREDIENTS For the pizza crust 3 large eggs 1 cup full-fat coconut milk 1/2 cup olive oil 3 cup tapioca flour 1/4 cup coconut flour 1 [...]

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The Case for Cardio: Why Aerobic Exercise Is A Crucial Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s no secret that popular fitness media portrays fat loss as the only objective of exercise. Cardio is often framed as an activity that you just [...]

  • Blueberry-Protein-Smoothie-Bowl

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Serves: 1-2 Prep Time: 5 min INGREDIENTS 1 cup frozen blueberries 1 cup frozen banana 1 1/4 cup almond milk 1 scoop of Primal Kitchen Vanilla [...]



Get started with tracking your progress by scheduling your initial body composition assessment. Trainers can do this for you before most Personal Training Group sessions, just send me a quick text or ask your trainer to set one up for you.

A Complete Personal Fitness Assessment includes:

  • Bodyweight Measurement
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Body Composition Measurements

We offer you the opportunity to get reassessed by us each month. You can also track your progress at home with this self assessment worksheet.

How to Assess Your Progress – See here

Get Rewarded! Refer new clients to Bootique Fitness and get $50 cash or a 60 minute massage from Blissed Out Massage

Get More Perks – Our community partners offer special discounts to Bootique Fitness members.


Foam Roller – Essential for releasing tight muscles and correcting muscle imbalances.

We have a limited supply of foam rollers available for purchase. We can show you how to use them as well. Just ask.

Dumbbells – Our members bring a pair of dumbbells (10-15 lbs for most) to our Personal Training Group classes. Occationally, we have some in stock for purchase. However, we can always help you find a pair.

Recommended Supplements – There are so many supplements to choose from – it can get really overwhelming (and really expensive) – but not for you! We’ve researched the best of the best and simplified what supplements will really add value to your nutrition and your results.

We recommend most clients to supplement with

  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Essential Fatty Acids/Fish Oil
  • Multi-Vitamin

See details here.

It’s because of people like you that we enjoy doing what we do.

As a valuable part of the family, we want all of your experiences to be exceptional ones. In fact, you should be so content with our service that you can’t help but tell your friends and family about us.

Creating a Community of Health and Wellness


The Spinal Connection is kind of like a second home to Bootique – you’ll often run into our members when you visit chiropractors Dr Katie Fox and Dr Ali Adamczyk.

Get a Free Health pass and take one of their yoga classes. See schedule at The Spinal Connection.

blissed out massage san diego

Speaking of running into Bootique’ers – you’ll see lots of familiar faces at Blissedout Massage. Lauren takes incredible care of our Bootique’ers.
You can book online at Blissedout Massage.


Nicole Stone, L.Ac. offers community acupuncture for $15.

Services include acupuncture, massage, herbal supplements and nutritional cleanse programs to help women, men and children reach their health goals and support them in maintaining a high quality of health and overall wellbeing.

See details on her website.


This boutique shop specializes in running shoes, athletic apparel, and accessories. They use a walking and running video gait analysis to give each customer a unique and personal shoe fitting experience. This is a FREE service that everyone should experience.

Mention you’re a Bootique member to get 15% off. See website.