Burning calories doesn’t have to involve grueling, monotonous workouts that are lacking fun. In fact, there are more than a few ways to burn calories that don’t involve extended periods of time in the gym. Specifically, using up 200 calories from your diet on a daily basis can be as simple as doing some of the following activities.

Play around

The Micheal Jackson Experience for Wii or any dancing game will get you moving for sure. While you’re having a blast, you might be happy to note that you will effortlessly burn 200 calories after almost an hour’s worth of fun. Do this five times a week and you’ll have burned an extra 1000. Not bad!

Jump around

Jumping rope isn’t child’s play. Just 10-15 minutes per day of jumping rope can burn 200 calories. With so much return on your time investment, you could do this twice a day and burn twice as many calories. After a few (3) days of jumping rope, you could eliminate between 600 to 1200 calories per week. That would go a long way toward reaching or maintaining your fitness goals.

Go golfing

Do you give golf credit for being a sport? Luckily for those who love it, it can provide health benefits. Just under an hour’s worth of walking and teeing off can burn as much as 210 calories.


Is your car dirty? Instead of taking it through the car wash, try washing it by hand. Doing so will help you burn about 210 calories after 40 minutes of washing. If you think that’s a long time to wash a car, try it and time yourself. After washing, vacuuming and getting the nitty-gritty out of all the cracks and crevices of your vehicle, it will emerge clean and you will emerge less 200 calories.

Walk the dog

Walking your dog is an easy thing to do. A brisk walk for you two once a day will net you about 190 calories. It’s a win-win. You and your beloved pet will be healthier for it.

Love all

No, we’re not suggesting you spread love to all in order to burn calories. Love is a score in tennis and it might be a handy way to burn calories. You don’t have to be Serena Williams to enjoy the activity. Just take up your racket, grab a ball and a friend and play. If you’re looking for something similar but indoors, try racquetball. Just be sure to have goggles to protect your face. Both activities will burn a little more than 218 calories after almost half a hour of play.

Be a designing star

Why not make your home a bit different by rearranging your furniture? The more furniture you move, the more calories you can burn. All of that scooting, pushing, pulling and arranging will burn about 210 calories after 30 minutes.

Take the stairs

While the elevator is always an enticing option, taking the stairs can help you burn more calories. This tried and true advice often gets ignored still. There are many places you can opt to take the stairs over the more convenient elevator. Be sure to capitalize on any time you can take the stairs. About 30 minutes of that activity equals 216 calories burned.

Go bowling

Again like golf, bowling is another activity that doesn’t seem like it would be a big calorie burner. However, choosing bowling over watching television for an hour will burn 200 calories easy. Skip the beer and pizza, though, to maintain the calories burned.

On the biking trail

Walking around the neighborhood is a great way to get exercise, but an even better way is to pull out the ol’ bike and get pedaling. If you want more of a challenge, take a hiking trail by bike. Just be sure it’s safe a trail that is not too rugged. Just half an hour and burn 200 calories.

Designing star, take II

Adding a fresh coat a paint may feel like a boring chore but perk up – applying a few coats for about 40 minutes can decrease your daily calorie intake by…you guessed it, 200 calories.

No rider

Riding lawnmowers can certainly help landscape artists to do their job more efficiently in a sprawling estate. Unless you have 40 acres of land, it may be more beneficial for you to mow the grass the old fashioned way with a push lawnmower. Just 40 minutes equals 215 calories.

With the fishes

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and get an overall workout. This is an exercise that is easy on your joints and definitely a break from the high impact workout routines. After 30 minutes, you’ll have burned 215 calories.

Get organized

Cleaning, rearranging furniture and now organizing as a way to burn calories? Believe it! The best place to start is the dreaded garage. Cleaning it will leave your home looking better and leave your body feeling better. To shed 200 calories, clean for about half an hour.

Boot Camp

On those days you can’t get to class, you can still burn calories by creating your own boot camp style workout at home. Jumping rope, push ups, lunges, squats, crunches, jogging in place and arm curls are a variety of exercises you can do at home. Do each one for two minutes and then move to the next. Repeat 3 times for an at home workout that is sure to help you maintain your physique. Thirty minutes of this will net you 200 calories.

Use your green thumb

Gardening is a nice, relaxing way to burn some extra calories. If you have some shrubs that needs pruning, some hedges that need cut, and some flowers that aren’t going to plant themselves, take the time to do it one afternoon. If you don’t have a yard, help someone else garden. Either way, you’ll be shaving 200 calories from your intake after an hour’s worth of work.

Get the fever

If you are so inclined, crank up your radio and get dancing. Having a dance party in your living room for an hour will burn 215 calories.

Take a shot

Basketball is a companion friendly sport you can play at about any time during the day. Instead of calling friends over to simply watch the game, have one of your own. Just 20 minutes will get you close to 200 calories shed.

Jog around the world

Well, maybe not the world but jogging around the neighborhood can help get the blood flowing and burn 200 calories after 20 minutes.

Get your house in order

Cleaning, rearranging, organizing and tidying up are all ways you can burn calories and make your place look a bit better. Take about 40 minutes and you burn 200 calories.

You see – there are so many ways to burn 200 calories. I bet you could list at least 20 more.