Zumba classes in San Diego

“If you haven’t been to Jaylin’s Zumba Classes, you are missing out on the best dance workout party in San Diego,” says Amy Kauffman aka Zumba Rockstar.

On Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday & Sunday mornings, women (and a few brave men) get together for 55 minutes of high-energy fitness to some awesome music.

But ever notice that your sneakers can stick to the surface of the hard floor? This prevents you from busting out those explosive moves to Usher’s “Scream” and pivoting like a professional on Dancing with the Stars. Now who wants that?

We recently found out about a little accessory that not only helps with the ease and fluidity of dance moves, but it’s also better for your knees. It’s called Slip-On Dancers and the amazing dance accessory is exactly what the name implies.

Slip-On Dancers are a ribbon-like band that goes right over the sneakers you wear every day and allows you to slide smoothly and safely across the floor. I’ve shared these with several of my clients that have had knees issues after a Zumba class. Now, with the Slip-On Dancers, they do not have any knee pain. Many other people have already embraced Slip-On Dancers too, over 20,000 dancers and instructors alike.

I love my dance fitness classes, but my knees would really hurt after class. I didn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes just for that one class. Then, I bought a pair of Slip-Ons. Since I’ve been using them, my knees haven’t hurt anymore AND my dance moves are better. My hips can turn more now that my shoes aren’t fighting the floor, one customer testifies.

Sneakers just aren’t made to twist and turn on carpet or hard floors, they are made for running. So this simple addition makes a huge difference to a Zumba workout. Slip-On dancers are one size fits most, work for men and women and are essential if you have had any kind of knee or leg injury in the past.

Don’t fight with your shoes during Zumba, make them better with Slip-On Dancers. Want to know more or get a pair? Ask Jaylin at your next class, they are a great, affordable alternative to buying new dance shoes.