While slugging it out on the stationary bike may be necessary when the weather is bad, we are fortunate enough here in San Diego to enjoy mostly sunny days.

Take advantage of the weather, move your routine outside and reap the benefits of working out alfresco.

You will be happier!

Being outside provides an immediate happiness booth. Immersing yourself in nature lowers cortisol (which causes belly fat), pulse rate and blood pressure leading to a more tranquil you. Even looking at a picture of nature can reduce stress, but nothing beats the real deal, so get out in the open air and get moving.

Your immune system will improve

Going to the gym is great, but that circulated air can wreak havoc on your immune system, especially in the winter when the cold and flu viruses are running rampant. Most of us don’t wipe down the machines before stepping on them, and there are no guarantees the guy before you didn’t sneeze all over it before passing it off to you.

You will get a better workout

While running on the treadmill is better than no exercise at all, studies show when covering the same distance, our bodies exert more energy when running outdoors than on a machine. So next time you lace up your tennis shoes for a run, take it outside for better results.

You will improve your social life

If you are exercising outdoors, you are more likely to do it in a group. From hiking, to your after-dinner walk, to your weekly Bootique Fitness Boot Camp classes, exercising socially lessens stress and encourages participants to motivate each other through shared goals.

You are less likely to be injured

When running on a treadmill, there is no change in terrain which can lessen muscle mobility and can lead to injury. When people exercise outside, they are more likely to flex their ankles on changing terrain leading to more resilient muscles and joints.

The bottom line is, exercising, no matter where it is, will be more beneficial for your health than not exercising at all, but if you have the opportunity to take it outside, you may find you enjoy your workout more and see better results.