My 6 month Bridal Boot Camp Body Transformation

The last 6 months have been amazing. I’ve transformed my body into a fit and healthy one, I have changed some of the bad habits I had and have formed new, healthier habits, and I have successfully planned a wedding!
I am ready for my big day and so excited that I have been able to share my progress with you all over the last several months. I hope some of you have been encouraged to start your own journey if not for a wedding, just for your own self goals!

The wedding plans are all set, my dress is with the seamstress who is making alterations, and my family is excited for my fiancee and me!

I know I need to keep changing my workouts to keep myself interested

Even though I have gotten into a good routine over the last several months, I decided to switch up my cardio this month to give my body a change and keep myself from getting bored. I started running outdoors again, which I haven’t done in months.

My cardio has mostly recently consisted of Zumba classes and elliptical workouts. It is nice to get out in the sun and celebrate my increase fitness level with a nice run! My fiancee and I have been going together too, so that allows us to have something we can do together (since I’ve never been able to get him to go to Zumba!)

I will continue on my fitness journal to sustain this incredible results

I’ve had a lot of fun blogging about my experience for the past 6 months. It has really helped me to stay accountable to my fitness goals. There are just a few weeks before the wedding now and I know I’m on a good track.
This will be my last blog for a while but I will check in the week before the wedding. Until then, there are a few things I’ve learned that I want to leave you with:

Best Bridal Fitness Tips You Must Do

– Brides – START early. You won’t be stressed when it comes closer and closer to your deadline.

– Grooms – NO REASON not to start a fitness challenge like your bride. At least participate by encouraging each other to eat healthy together 🙂

– Week of Wedding Nutrition Tips

  1. Ease up on the salt, it will reduce puffiness and bloat
  2. Lose the booze, it will help your skin look healthier and you’ll get better sleep
  3. Lots of Water and Fresh Veggies!!!

Thank you for sharing in my journey. Your support has been really has been really helpful!

– Nikki