Boot Camp Bridal Story Reaches New Weight Loss Goal

I reached a new weight goal!

I did my monthly assessment yesterday. I’m excited to report that I’m down to 140.5 lbs and 21% body fat. I haven’t been this low in body fat since college – and I’ve never gotten below that! Further goals for February: I’d like to get to 19% body fat and I plan to get down to 135 lbs. I’d also like to get some friends to join me for boot camp in February!!! Any takers?? Come with me!

Staying fit while working full time

This week end marks the end of five months with Bootique. And less than three months until the big day! It was a little tougher this week. Mainly because I started a typical “job”. You see, all this time, I have mostly worked small projects, promotional or in-store (3-5 days a month) and projects from home. Most of my work is done online – which doesn’t even require me to leave the couch. This has been my life for over a year and I’ve gotten used to NOT working the 9-5 hours. Well, I picked up a bigger, longer-term contract this month. It’s for a cosmetics company the need me 4 days a week, on my feet, and in Costco stores (ugh… all those tempting food samples… well not really, most are pretty gross). So, the first week my body was like, “WHAT ?? I am not used to standing for 6 hours and talking all day.” I know, its crazy. I was so tired my first day, and traffic was horrible. However, by my third day, I managed to feel more energetic, with a zumba session before work and boot camp after. It kind of revived me. I did still manage to take 3 boot camp classes this week, even while I was adapting to new work hours and conditions. I have to say, its a little tougher, but working out makes it better because once its done, it actually recharges me!

Got my Bootique Fitness tank top

Yesterday I made it to Super Boot Camp. It was gorgeous out and very sunny. Fortunately, I was had on my Bootique Fitness tank top which kept me cooler. It looks great and I feel proud to represent such a great company when I wear it! – Nikki

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