Staying consistent with Boot Camp, Nutrition and Cardio

Wow, January is flying by. I am continually making progress and sticking to my workouts the majority of the time. I am consistent with my nutrition (healthy with some allowances for chocolate here are there), and consistent with my bootcamps (2-3 times per week – but mostly 3) & cardio (5 times a week). It’s obvious to me that consistency and the ability to stick with a routine such as this is the healthy way to go. I’ve lost on average 1 pound per week (16 total as of today), which is healthy and safe. Most importantly the rate of weight loss and methods used are realistic to maintain.

As I get closer to my goal I start to think about how I will maintain this. I definitely don’t want to just go back to my sporadic strength training and “cardio-binging”. I call it that because I used to “feel fat” and then that week do cardio everyday for over an hour. Then if I felt “thin” I would skip it. Definitely NO BUENO! I think 16 weeks is enough time to break a bad habit.

My wedding dress is TOO BIG

Got my dress in…. and it’s too big in the hips! I have the corset back tied as tight as possible and its still loose. But the top is just perfect. I am going to change a couple things about it because I don’t like the belt on it (that wasn’t there when I tried it on originally…) I’m happy that it’s too big! I didn’t take the leap of faith enough to order two sizes smaller back in September, but only one size too small (at the time). Now its too big! Crazy how the body changes with great workouts from Bootique Fitness!

Anyway, thanks for being a part of my journey! I invite you to leave some feedback or tips for me. Especially those of you who have lost weight and maintained, I’d love to hear how you maintained!

– Nikki