Less Cardio Lead To Better Results for Boot Camp Bride

Cutting back on cardio helped me lose weight

This week was good. I worked through some feelings of over-training by cutting down on the cardio sessions and putting 100% of my energy into boot camp on Wednesday and Friday. I had been doing hours of cardio daily – and still starting to hit a plateau. Upon Bootique Fitness’s advice, I pulled back on the cardio. I’m happy to say that the weight is coming off again and I don’t feel as tired. On my days off from boot camp, I focused on yoga to eliminate some of my wedding related stress. It worked well, because I’m feeling more rested and quite slim! I had a rough work week, standing all day is a bit tiring, which might be part of the reason I’m feeling run down lately. But on a positive note, I’m halfway through my contract with this company. Then I’ll have a little rest for the month of my wedding before proceeding with a new work contract. 🙂 Life is about choices, and I am glad to be able to choose many things, including incorporating exercise into my life forever!

Friday night boot camp in Scripps Ranch was especially good.

Sarah included a lot of running in the workout and it just felt plain good. It was a great way to start off the weekend. On another note, I am cutting out alcohol for “Lent”, so that is a no-brainer calorie reduction! Two weeks left then my final dress fitting, I need to burn every calorie possible and stay focused!! Starting our dance lessons in March too, which will be a fun way to exercise together AND work towards some of our wedding goals. Looking forward to spending that quality time with my fiancee.

See ya in Bootcamp next week!

I’ll be attending Hillcrest Wednesday and Friday morning and Mission Bay on Saturday. Thank you for your continued support! See ya in class! – Nikki

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