I planned my boot camp workouts perfectly this week!

This week as a nice smoothly run week. I planned well and stuck to my plan. I knew ahed of time what my work schedule traffic would bring, so I really planned cardio and boot camps to allow for the least drive time and the most efficient workout location. I worked out in La Jolla on Wednesday evening for the first time. It was fun to meet new ladies and do a workout in a different location.

Not just a healthy phase… a healthy lifestyle

Everything is starting to sink in now. Its becoming reality not just a phase. Working out and making healthy nutrition choices has become a total lifestyle change that I can stick to for years and years to come. I don’t plan on gaining any weight or body fat back, which means I will need to continue to be smart and continue to strength train, well after the wedding. The honeymoon will be challenging, I’m sure. We are going to Spain for 15 days which will be I’m sure food-filled. Food-filled doesn’t mean I have to eat everything in sight. It was doesn’t mean I have to avoid things just because my lifestyle is healthy. I will be moderate, and make sure we are getting enough active activities in our vacation.

Learning to handle my cravings for sweets

I’ve still been struggling with the sweets cravings and have felt some pressure to give in at times. I know how important it is to resist these, however, because of the nature of sweets. They are highly addicting! If I give in today, I’ll have more likelihood of giving in tomorrow, and the next day, etc. My plan for this week is to make fruit my dessert. Its still something sweet and its a much healthier choice than frozen yogurt or chocolate. Only 55 Days to GO! Weddng RSVPs are adding up and I’m feeling good! – Nikki